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Equip your students with the communication tools needed for success in today's workplace with this comprehensive, business-savvy text! Business Communication 2e has an exciting new contemporary design with clear easy-to-follow instructions guiding students through the chapters. Two new chapters have been added to this edition, increasing the emphasis on English Grammar and Writing Mechanics. Help students master the basics of workplace communication with proven instructional techniques, time-tested learning approaches, and complete teacher support. Topics such as exchanging information via telecommunications software, electronic mail, images and multimedia, and on-line information services are presented. Students refine writing, listening, speaking, computing, and research skills while using the latest technology tools. This text is ideal for the year-long business communication class. Business Communication 2e is the total solution for teachers who want comprehensive coverage of business document preparation.

Thomas Means, San Jose State University

Tom Means is an experienced communication professor who has authored several communication titles for South-Western/Cengage. He is retired from Louisiana Tech University, Ruston.
  • Exciting NEW contemporary design with clear easy-to-follow instructions guide students through the chapters.
  • Expanded Oral Presentation coverage helps demonstrate proficiency in interpersonal communication and develop business and professional vocabulary skills.
  • Data files for student use in editing and writing exercises are on the Web site and Instructor's Resource CD
  • Comprehensive coverage of business document preparation (Office 2007 format) with a new chapter Technology in the Workplace offering students current, correct, and consistent document formats.
  • Two new chapters have been added to this edition, increasing the emphasis on English Grammar and Writing Mechanics. Some students will be able to receive an English credit if their state standards are met,
  • Additional focus on reading with Reading in the Workplace features offering a real-world flavor to improve reading skills.
  • EVERY chapter has been reviewed by teachers. Click on the Reviewer Tab on the Web site to check out what is being said.
  • Expanded coverage of ethics in report writing keeps students current.
  • Net Bookmarks feature includes Internet Activities allowing students to improve their ability to research and gain additional valuable information.
  • Real-world applications found throughout the chapters add interest and keep students engaged.
  • Career Case Studies for each of the 16 career clusters allow students to explore a wide range of career opportunities.
  • Users refine writing, listening, speaking, computing and research skills.
  • Ethics and cross-cultural issues are integrated throughout to assist students with decision-making and critical thinking in light of current events.
  • Grammar and mechanics exercises include grammar, punctuation, number usage, and spelling exercises to ensure students have the requisite skills for workplace communication.
  • End of chapter material includes a Chapter Summary, Vocabulary Terms, Critical-Thinking Questions, Chapter Applications, Editing Activities, Case Studies, and Career Case Studies for additional reinforcement.
  • Adobe® eBook provides the same content rich fonts, and visuals as the printed text.
  • Visit for additional product information.
1. Communicating in Your Life.
The Communication Process and Its Forms. Overcoming Communication Barriers. Reading in the Workplace.
2. Diversity and Ethics.
Diversity at Work. Differences. Strategies for Effective Communication. Ethics in Business Communication.
3. Nonverbal Communication.
Nonverbal Communication. Listening Skills. Teamwork.
4. Basics of English Grammar.
Parts of Speech and Sentences. Nouns, Pronouns, and Adjectives. Verbs ad Adverbs. Prepositions, Conjunctions, and Interjectives.
5. Mechanics of Writing.
External Marks and the Comma. Other Internal Marks. Abbreviations, Capitalization, and Number Expression.
6. The Writing Process.
Planning and Organizing Messages. Composing Messages. Editing and Publishing Messages.
7. Writing Memos, E-mail, and Letters.
Business Correspondence. Memos. E-mail and Instant Messaging. Letters.
8. Writing to Clients and Customers.
Neutral or Positive Messages. Negative Messages. Persuasive Messages.
9. Writing Reports.
Planning Reports. Writing Informal Reports. Writing Formal Reports.
10. Graphics and Visual Aids.
Using Graphics and Visual Aids. Developing Graphics.
11. Technical Communication.
Writing to Instruct. Writing to Describe.
12. Technology in the Workplace.
Computer Hardware and Software. Other Technologies. Technology and Effective Communication. Ergonomics.
13. Presentations and Meetings.
Oral Presentations. Visual Aids in Presentations. Effective Meetings.
14. Communicating with Customers.
Customer Service. One-on-One and Telephone Communication.
15. Getting a Job.
Your Skills and the Market. Resume. Letter of Application and Job Application Form. Interview and Follow-up Letter.
Appendix A: Glossary.
Appendix B: Proofreader's Marks and Documentation Styles.
Appendix C: Answers to Checkpoints.

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  • ISBN-10: 113346646X
  • ISBN-13: 9781133466468
  • STARTING AT $15.49

  • ISBN-10: 0538449470
  • ISBN-13: 9780538449472
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $93.25
  • RETAIL $123.95