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Created through a "student-tested, faculty-approved" review process with nearly 100 students and faculty, BSTAT 2 is an engaging and accessible solution to accommodate the diverse lifestyles of today's learners at a value-based price. Written by leading statistics expert and worldwide best-selling statistics author Gerald Keller, BSTAT builds on the author's proven problem-solving approach. BSTAT's engaging approach focuses on the fundamental concepts of statistics that are most important for your students to know. The author emphasizes applications rather than calculations, vividly demonstrating the vital role of statistics for today's business managers and relevance of data analysis. BSTAT teaches your students to use statistical tools to solve actual business problems with the author's signature, three-step approach that emphasizes how to identify the correct technique, compute the statistics, and interpret the results within context. Students gain a solid understanding of how to complete manual calculations while learning to maximize the latest Excel® 2013 and Minitab 16 technology with the book's numerous examples and applications. Chapter-in-Review cards provide quick reference to important formulas and guides for using Excel® 2013 and MINITAB 16. A wealth of instructor support and interactive online learning tools to accompany BSTAT help you further reinforce the applications of statistics in business today. BSTAT is automatically packaged with CourseMate, which includes an eBook in addition to a set of interactive digital tools all at a value-based price. Aplia is available as an optional online homework solution to help build student problem-solving skills. CourseMate and Aplia are proven to increase retention and outcomes.

Gerald Keller, Wilfrid Laurier University

Dr. Gerald Keller is Emeritus Professor of Business at Wilfrid Laurier University, where he taught statistics, management science, and operations management from 1974 to 2011. He also taught at the University of Toronto, the University of Miami, McMaster University, the University of Windsor, and the Beijing Institute of Science and Technology. In addition to consulting with banks on credit scoring and credit card fraud, Dr. Keller has conducted market surveys for the Canadian government on energy conservation. His books include BSTAT, 2e, APPLIED STATISTICS WITH MICROSOFT EXCEL, ESSENTIALS OF BUSINESS STATISTICS (co-authored), AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS STATISTICS (co-authored), and STATISTICS LABORATORY MANUAL EXPERIMENTS USING MINITAB. Dr. Keller also has been published in OMEGA, IIE TRANSACTIONS, DECISION SCIENCES, INFOR, ECONOMICS LETTERS, and ARCHIVES OF SURGERY.
  • This edition has been updated to reflect new screenshots and techniques in Excel® 2013.
  • End-of-chapter exercises have been updated throughout the text to provide multiple assignment options for instructors and new learning opportunities for students.
  • CONTENT AND RESOURCES PROVIDE A SUPPLEMENT PACKAGE THAT IS SECOND TO NONE: This edition provides all of the content and resources you expect with a supplement package that includes PowerPoint® slides, an Instructor's Manual, Test Bank, and electronic Test Bank.
  • UNIQUE APPROACH PREPARES STUDENTS TO MASTER THREE METHODS OF CALCULATING STATISTICS: Students learn to calculate statistics manually as well as to complete calculations using the features of Excel® 2013 and MINITAB 16.
  • BOOK EMPHASIZES TECHNIQUE IDENTIFICATION: BSTAT clearly teaches students to identify techniques with effective use of flowcharts and other tools.
  • WEALTH OF REVIEW EXERCISES OFFERS ESSENTIAL PRACTICE: This edition provides a variety of class-tested Review Exercises to help ensure your students have mastered the techniques in each section and chapter.
  • ACTUAL SUBSTANTIAL DATA SETS ENABLE STUDENTS TO EFFICIENTLY PRACTICE STATISTICAL TECHNIQUES: Your students have the opportunity to work with large real data sets as they apply the manual and software techniques that they learn throughout your course.
  • TEXT PREPARES YOU TO USE THE MOST RECENT FEATURES OF MINITAB 16 AND LATEST VERSION OF EXCEL®: This up-to-date text introduces you to the latest aspects of MINITAB 16 and most recent strengths of Excel® 2013 using screen captures and detailed directions. Memorable examples, practical problems, and useful references reinforce your skills as you learn. Eighteen convenient Chapter-in-Review Cards list key formulas as well as Quick-use Guides for Excel® and MINITAB for you to review at a glance.
  • PROBLEM-SOLVING APPROACH EMPHASIZES APPLICATIONS OVER CALCULATION. This text demonstrates the vital role of statistical methods play for today's managers and economists. Students learn how to apply statistical tools to real business problems, using the author's unique three-step "ICI" approach to problem solving. Students learn to IDENTIFY the correct statistical technique by focusing on the problem objective and data type. They then COMPUTE the statistics--by hand, using Excel®, or using MINITAB. Students ultimately INTERPRET results in the context of the problem.
  • TEXT REFLECTS THE MOST RECENT FEATURES OF MINITAB 16 AND LATEST VERSION OF EXCEL®. This up-to-date text introduces students to the latest MINITAB 16 and most recent strengths of Excel® 2013 using screen captures and detailed directions to ensure readers can maximize the most up-to-date technology. Memorable examples, practical problems, and useful references reinforce the skills as students learn. The book's 18 Chapter-in-Review Cards provide key formulas as well as Quick-use Guides for Excel® and MINITAB.
  • A FULL SUITE OF UNIQUE LEARNING TOOLS APPEAL TO DIFFERENT LEARNING STYLES: Online study tools are available to students with the purchase of a new book. Multimedia resources include online quizzing, audio downloads, and more, only a click away in CourseMate. Aplia is available as an optional assignable online homework solution.
  • AN INNOVATIVE COMBINATION OF CONTENT IN PRINT AND ONLINE PROVIDES A SOLID CORE TEXT AND WEALTH OF COMPREHENSIVE MULTIMEDIA TEACHING AND LEARNING ASSETS: Based on input from student focus groups and surveys, and from interviews with nearly 100 faculty and students, this magazine-style core text and wealth of integrated multimedia teaching and learning resources produces an engaging and accessible solution that appeals to different learning styles at a value-based price.
  • SHORTER, COMPREHENSIVE CHAPTERS COMMUNICATE STATISTICAL CONCEPTS WITHIN A MODERN DESIGN: BSTAT uses an engaging and accessible format to deliver statistics, managerial, and problem-solving content without minimizing coverage for your course.
  • CHAPTER-IN-REVIEW CARDS AT THE BACK OF THE STUDENT EDITION PROVIDE STUDENTS WITH A PORTABLE STUDY TOOL: Chapter-in-Review Cards contain all of the pertinent information students need for effective class preparation, including key formulas as well as Quick-use Guides for Excel® and MINITAB.
  • INSTRUCTOR PREP CARDS MAKE CLASS PREPARATION SIMPLE: Detachable Instructor Prep Cards for each chapter, conveniently located in the back of the Instructor's Edition, offer a quick map of chapter content, a list of corresponding PowerPoint® slides, featured applets, additional examples, and suggested assignments and discussion questions to help you organize chapter content efficiently.
2. Graphical and Tabular Descriptive Techniques.
3. Numerical Descriptive Techniques.
4. Data Collection and Sampling.
5. Probability.
6. Random Variables and Discrete Probability Distributions.
7. Continuous Probability Distributions.
8. Sampling Distributions.
9. Introduction to Estimation.
10. Introduction to Hypothesis Testing.
11. Inference about One Population.
12. Inference about Two Populations, Part I.
13. Inference about Two Populations, Part II.
14. Analysis of Variance.
15. Chi-Squared Tests.
16. Simple Linear Regression and Correlation.
17. Multiple Regression.
18. Review of Statistical Inference.
Appendix A. Data File Sample Statistics.
Appendix B. Tables.
Appendix C. Answers to Selected Even-Numbered Exercises.
Appendix D. A Guide to Statistical Techniques.
Appendix E. Index of Computer Output and Instructions.
Aplia is an online learning solution that increases student engagement with automatically graded assignments and detailed explanations.

This Cengage solution can be seamlessly integrated into most Learning Management Systems (Blackboard, Brightspace by D2L, Canvas, Moodle, and more) but does require a different ISBN for access codes. Please work with your Cengage Learning Consultant to ensure the proper course set up and ordering information. For additional information, please visit the LMS Integration site.

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