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Black Family: Essays and Studies 6th Edition

Robert Staples

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 1994, 1991, 1987
  • 350 Pages


A diverse collection of readings on trends and issues surrounding the African American family. This book provides a combination of empirical research and scholarly essays on such diverse issues in the African American community as the Black male’s role, interracial relationships, poverty, AIDS, and the health status of Black women.

Robert Staples, University of California, San Francisco

Part I: The Changing Black Family.
1. The Study of Black Families.
The Tangle of Pathology. Sociocultural Factors in Black Family Transformation: Toward a Redefinition of Family Functions.
2. Historical Background.
The Myth of the Absent Family. Women and Slavery in the African Diaspora.
Part II: The Dyad
3. Dating and Sexual Patterns.
Socio-Cultural Factors Affecting Sexual Risk Taking in Black Men and Women: Results from Two Empirical Studies. The Black Women''s Relationship Project: A National Survey of Black Lesbians.
4. Gender Roles.
In a Community of Women: A Biographical Note. Extended Family Support Among Older Black Females. Black Male Masculinity and Same Sex Friendships.
5. Male-Female Relationships.
Single and Married: The Black Male''s Acceptance of the Prince Charming Ideal. Coping: Stressors and Depression Among Middle Class African-American Men.
6. Marriage and Divorce.
Separated Black Women: Do They Reconcile With Their Husbands? Black Men After Divorce: How Do They Cope?
7. Black and White Relationships.
Interracial Relationships: A Convergence of Desire and Opportunity. The End of Africanity? The Biracial Assault on Blackness.
Part III: The Family.
8. The Maternal Role.
The Meaning of Motherhood in Black Culture. African-American Daughter-Mother Relations and Teenage Pregnancy: Two Faces of Premarital Teenage Pregnancy. Incarcerated Black Mothers and Their Children.
9. The Paternal Role.
Other Fathers: An Alternative Perspective on African American Community Caring. To Be, or Not to Be There: Understanding the Gap Between Adolescent Paternal Aspirations and Performance.
10. The Extended Family.
Grandmother Functions in Multigenerational Families. An Exploratory Study of Black Adolescent Mothers and Their Infants. Deep Structures of African-American Family Life:Female and Male Kin Networks.
11. Adolescence and Personality Development.
A Comparison of Trends in Living Arrangements for White and Black Youth. Sex and Class Differences in the Socialization Experiences of African American Youth.
12. Family Violence.
Domestic Violence in Black American Families: The Role of Stress. African American Men who Batter: Treatment Considerations and Community Response.
13. Social and Economic Issues.
Patterns of Change in the Postindustrial Black Family. World Without Work: Causes and Consequences of Black Male Joblessness.
14. Health Issues.
Low Birth Weight and Infant Mortality in the African American Family: The Impact of Racism and Self Esteem. Social Correlates of Black Women''s Health Status.
Part IV: Black Families and The Future.
15. Alternative Lifestyles.
From Teenage Parenthood to Polygamy: Case Studies in Black Polygamous Family Formation. Sociocultural Facets of the Black Gay Male Experience.
16. Public Policy and Social Problems.
Racial Inequality, Welfare Reform and Black Families: The 1996 Personal Responsibility and Work Reconciliation Act. Social Inequality and Black Sexual Pathology: The Essential Relationship.

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  • ISBN-10: 053455296X
  • ISBN-13: 9780534552961
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