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Beyond Borders: A Cultural Reader 2nd Edition

Randall Bass, Joy Young

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 1999
  • 784 Pages


This multicultural reader for first-year composition courses poses critical questions about American culture and the construction of identity. Beyond Borders includes both conventional writing (essays, poems, and short fiction) and less conventional works (photographs, advertisements, graphic novels, and maps). The thematically arranged readings raise questions and ideas about both individual and group identity. The interactive format shows students how to read and write by freely crossing the borders between writer and reader, student and critic, and consumer and producer.

Randall Bass, Georgetown University

Joy Young, Georgetown University

Note: Each chapter begins with Critical Questions and concludes with Critical Questions Revisited.
1. Borders of Identity: Stories of the Self
Anon. Hopi: The Hopi Boy and the Sun (story)
Anna Deavere Smith: Fires in the Mirror (play)
Robert Hass: A Story About the Body (prose poem)
Thomas King: Borders
Joel Gilbert/Noel Ignatiev: Who Lost an American?
Abigail Trooboof: The Gravity of Pink
Amy Tan: Mother Tongue
Jim Mince: The Begenning of the End
Paul Schellenbacher (online journal)
Evelyn Lau: Runaway: Diary of a Street Kid
Tara Masih: Exotic, or "What Beach Do You Hang Out On?"
Frank Bidart: Ellen West (poem)
2. Borders of Community: Difference and Otherness
Ruben Martinez: Going Up in LA
Leonard Kriegel: Tunnel Notes of a New Yorker
Kai Erickson: Collective Trauma: Loss of Communality
Daniel Kemmis: The Last Best Place: How Hardship and Limits Build Community
Randall Balmer: Georgia Charismatics
Jacob Riis: How the Other Half Lives
Peter Marin: Helping and Hating the Homeless
David Sibley: Feelings About Difference
Elizabeth Bishop: In the Waiting Room (poem)
Margery Garber: Vested Interests
John Hartigan: The Baseball Game
Robert Berkhofer Jr.: The White Man''s Indian
Stuart Hall: Ethnicity: Identity and Difference
Gwendolyn Brooks: We Real Cool (poem)
3. Negotiating Borders: The Dynamics of Difference
Mary Louise Pratt: Arts of the Contact Zone
Richard White: The Middle Ground
Roger Williams: A Key into the Language of America (phrasebook)
Wong Sam and Assistants: An English-Chinese Phrase Book (phrasebook)
Robert Blauner: Talking Past Each Other: Black and White Languages of Race
Rita Dove: Arrow (poem)
Martin Luther King, Jr.: Letter from Birmingham Jail
Tim O''Brien: Sweetheart of Song Tra Bong
Luis Alberto Urrea: Across the Wire
Mary Gaitskill: On Not Being a Victim
Lester Bangs: White Noise Supremacists
Sherry Turkle: TinySex and Gender Trouble
Frantz Fanon: The Facts of Blackness
Art Spiegelman: MAUS: A Survivor''s Tale (graphic story)
Andrea Lowenstein: Confronting Stereotypes: Teaching MAUS in Crown Heights
Image Portfolio
4. Imagined Borders: Frontier and Nation
Myra Jehlen: Papers of Empire
Alan Thomas and Ben Crow: Maps, Projections and Ethnocentricity
Benedict Anderson: The Concept of "Nation": A Definition
Frederick Jackson Turner: The Significance of the Frontier in American History
Patricia Nelson Limerick: Adventures of the Frontier in the Twentieth Century
Jan Tompkins: At the Buffalo Bill Museum--June 1988
Jack Jackson: Comanche Moon (graphic story)
Karima Kamal: An Egyptian Girl in America
Armond White: The Resistance: Ten Years of Pop Culture That Shook the World
Lewis H. Lapham: Who and What Is American?
Ronald Takaki: A Different Mirror
Agha Shahid Ali: The Correspondent (poem)
5. The World''s New Borders: Beyond Nation, Beyond Place
William Mitchell: Soft Cities
Allucquère Rosanne Stone: Sex, Death, and Machinery, or How I Fell in Love with My Prosthesis
Stephen Doheny-Farina: Real Cold, Simulated Heat: Virtual Reality at the Roxy
Howard Rheingold: Disinformocracy
William Greider: One World: Ready or Not
Benjamin Barber: Jihad vs. McWorld
Salman Rushdie: Yes, This Is About Islam
Wen Shu Lee: One Whiteness Veils Three Uglinesses
Guillermo Gómez-Peña: The ''90s Culture of Xenophobia: Beyond the Tortilla Curtain
K. Anthony Appiah: The Multicultural Mistake
Ian Frazier: Someplace in Queens
Gloria Anzaldua: La conciencia de la mestiza/Towards a New Consciousness
Benjamin Alire Saenz: In the Borderlands of Chicano Identity, There Are Only Fragments
bell hooks: Love as the Practice of Freedom
Audre Lorde: A Litany for Survival (poem)

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ISBN: 9780618234981

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