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Ethics in Action 3rd Edition

Gerald Corey, Marianne Schneider Corey, Robert Haynes

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2003
  • 96 Pages


The ETHICS IN ACTION program brings to life the ethical issues and dilemmas counselors often encounter-and provides ample opportunity for discussion, self-exploration, and problem solving of the issues and dilemmas. The 22 video vignettes are based on a workshop for a group of counseling students, which included challenging questions and lively discussion, role-plays, and comments from the students and the group leaders. This educational program is divided into three segments: ethical decision-making, values and the helping relationship, and boundary issues and multiple relationships in counseling. The accompanying workbook (delivered online via CourseMate and in print with the DVD) involves you in interactive learning as you view the video program.

Gerald Corey, California State University, Fullerton (Emeritus)

Gerald Corey is Professor Emeritus of Human Services and Counseling at California State University at Fullerton. He received his doctorate in counseling from the University of Southern California. He is a Diplomate in Counseling Psychology, American Board of Professional Psychology; a licensed psychologist; and a National Certified Counselor. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association (Division 17, Counseling Psychology; and Division 49, Group Psychotherapy); a Fellow of the American Counseling Association; and a Fellow of the Association for Specialists in Group Work. Both Jerry and Marianne Corey received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Mental Health Counselors Association in 2011, and both also received the Eminent Career Award from ASGW in 2001. Dr. Jerry Corey was given the Outstanding Professor of the Year Award from California State University at Fullerton in 1991. He regularly teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in group counseling and ethics in counseling. He is the author or coauthor of 15 textbooks in counseling currently in print, along with more than 60 journal articles and book chapters.

Marianne Schneider Corey, Consultant

Marianne Schneider Corey is a licensed marriage and family therapist in California and a National Certified Counselor. She received her master's degree in marriage, family, and child counseling from Chapman College. She is a Fellow of the Association for Specialists in Group Work and received the organization's Eminent Career Award in 2001. She received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Mental Health Counselors Association in 2011, and is a member of that organization. She also holds memberships in the American Counseling Association, the American Group Psychotherapy Association, the Association for Specialists in Group Work, the Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development, the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision, and the Western Association of Counselor Education and Supervision. In the past 40 years, Marianne Schneider Corey and Jerry Corey have presented workshops in group counseling for mental health professionals at many universities in the United States as well as in Canada, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Germany, Belgium, Scotland, England, and Ireland. In addition to ISSUES AND ETHICS IN THE HELPING PROFESSIONS, Dr. Corey has coauthored the following Cengage books: GROUPS: PROCESS AND PRACTICE, 10th Edition (2018, with Gerald Corey and Cindy Corey); I NEVER KNEW I HAD A CHOICE, 11th Edition (2018, with Gerald Corey and Michelle Muratori); BECOMING A HELPER, 7th Edition (2016, with Gerald Corey); and GROUP TECHNIQUES, 4th Edition (2015, with Gerald Corey, Patrick Callanan, and Michael Russell).

Robert Haynes,

Robert Haynes is a licensed clinical psychologist and producer of psychology video programs for Borderline Productions. Haynes received his doctorate in clinical psychology from the Fuller Graduate School of Psychology and is a member of the APA, ACA, and ACES. He has been actively involved in professional psychology through clinical practice, as well as teaching, consulting, leading workshops, and writing on a variety of topics. Haynes recently retired after 25 years as training director of the accredited clinical psychology internship program at Atascadero State Hospital in California. He has co-authored multimedia projects with the Coreys including the EVOLUTION OF A GROUP: STUDENT VIDEO AND WORKBOOK and STUDENT VIDEO AND WORKBOOK FOR THE ART OF INTEGRATIVE COUNSELING, and the ETHICS IN ACTION CD-ROM.
  • The program includes video footage that was previously only available for instructor use-doubling the number of video role-plays for students to 22. Each role-play is complemented with commentary by the Coreys and discussions with students facilitated by the Coreys. Accompanying case summaries, key points, and exercises and activities have also been developed for this new footage.
  • A new set of questions for each role-play vignette promotes reflection and discussion.
  • The updated workbook, which includes numerous new or revised commentaries and activities, is designed to involve students in interactive learning as they view the video program.
  • ETHICS IN ACTION is available in two different formats to suit instructor and student needs-as a DVD with a printed workbook or via the Internet through CourseMate, which offers access to the videos and an integrated workbook.
  • This program is suitable for courses in counseling, human services, couples and family therapy, counseling and clinical psychology, school counseling, and social work. It can be used in courses such as practicum, fieldwork, internship, and ethical and professional issues or as a supplement in courses dealing with skills or theory.
  • The video and accompanying exercises are structured around three parts: ethical decision-making, values and the helping relationship, and boundary issues and multiple relationships.
  • Each part has seven to eight video segments that present role-plays of common ethical dilemmas faced by counselors in their practices as well as classroom discussions for each.
  • Each part helps students gauge their knowledge base before and after viewing the video segments through the use of pre-viewing and post-viewing self-inventories.
  • Each video segment is accompanied by questions to consider, key points, exercises and activities, and commentaries.
1. Counseling Adolescents: Teen Pregnancy.
2. Dealing with Anger: A Protective Brother.
3. Challenging the Counseling: Culture Clash.
4. Counselor Competence: Dealing with Delusions.
5. Giving Advice: Take Charge.
6. Multicultural Issues: Seeking More from Life.
7. Family Values: The Divorce.
8. Sexuality: Promiscuity.
9. Being Judgmental: The Affair.
10. Imposing Values: Religion as Answer.
11. Value Conflict: Contemplating an Abortion.
12. Counselor Disapproval: Coming Out.
13. An Ethical and Legal Issue: End-of-Life Decision.
14. Therapy Outside the Office: The Picnic.
15. Beyond the Office Contact: The Wedding.
16. Social Relationships with Clients: The Friendship.
17. Counselor Sexual Attraction: Crossing the Line.
18. Client Sexual Attraction: The Disclosure.
19. Bartering: Manicuring for Therapy.
20. Bartering: The Architect.
21. Gift Giving: The Vase.
22. Gift Giving: Tickets for Therapy.

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  • ISBN-10: 1305456742
  • ISBN-13: 9781305456747
  • STARTING AT $19.49

  • ISBN-10: 1285850335
  • ISBN-13: 9781285850337
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $40.00
  • RETAIL $53.95

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