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Applied Statics and Strength of Materials 2nd Edition

Thomas Burns

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 1997
  • 640 Pages
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APPLIED STATICS AND STRENGTH OF MATERIALS, 2nd Edition provides engineering and construction technology readers with a strategy for successful learning of basic structural behavior and design. The book is written at a fundamental level while providing robust detail on problem-solving methods on a variety of recognizable structures, systems, and machines. Topics covered include easy-to-understand discussion on equilibrium, trusses, frames, centroids, moment of inertia, direct stress, combined stress, beam mechanics, and much more. The book also includes extensive coverage on the design of beams, columns, and connections which include the latest design specifications using steel, concrete, and wood. More than 175 fully worked examples and 500 exercise problems offer thorough and comprehensive reinforcement of the material using recognizable structural and mechanical elements which connect the readers to the real-world.

Thomas Burns, P.E., Cincinnati Technical College, Cincinnati, OH

Thomas Burns is the current chairman of the Civil Engineering Technology Department at Cincinnati State and has taught the Structural sequence of courses to construction management and architectural technology students for 24 years. Over this time he has been awarded teaching excellence awards at both Cincinnati State as well as the University of Cincinnati. In addition, Mr. Burns has served in many roles with the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) over the last dozen years. These duties include being an educator trustee of the ACCE board, chairman of the student learning outcomes task force, vice chair of the accreditation committee and an active member of the standards committee. Mr. Burns is a licensed engineer and still pursues a variety of structural consulting activities. Dr. Burns is a licensed professional engineer and has significant professional leadership at the national level as an Educator Trustee of the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE). He currently serves as vice-chair of both the ACCE accreditation committee and student learning outcomes task force. He has served as an external reviewer for other construction programs in Ohio, Texas, Florida, and New York and has published three textbooks with a fourth, Applied Statics & Strength of Materials (2e), due out in January 2009. Dr. Burns has undergraduate and graduate degrees in Civil Engineering and earned his Ph.D. from Indiana State, specializing in Construction Management.
  • Over 175 fully worked examples and 500 exercise problems offer thorough and comprehensive reinforcement of the material.
  • New discussion and examples on load paths, building information modeling, and design applications.
  • Detailed "Course Project" and "Advanced Course Project" allows student to apply principles throughout the text to the solution of a real-world design problem.
  • Links to Internet Tools are provided to stimulate conceptual and visual learning.
  • A back-of-book CD contains simulation software to further conceptual understanding.
  • "Advanced Learning Opportunities" presents a variety of outside references to be used for honors-type applications.
1: Introduction to Statics and Strength of Materials.
2: Forces and Force Systems.
3: Equilibrium of Force Systems.
4: Truss and Frame Analysis.
5: Friction.
6: Center of Gravity and Centroids.
7: Moment of Inertia.
8: Stress and Strain.
9: Further Applications of Stress and Strain.
10: Torsion.
11: Beams: Shear Forces and Bending Moments.
12: Beams: Bending, Shear, and Deflection.
13: Combined Stresses.
14: Beam Design Basics.
15: Column Design Basics.
16: Connection Design Basics.
Appendix A: Steel Section Tables.
Appendix B: Typical Properties for Selected Materials and Radii of Gyration.
Appendix C: Beam Loading Tables.
Appendix D: Timber Section Tables and Design Values.
Appendix E: Integration Techniques for Centroids, Moment of Inertia, and Bending Moments.
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