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An Invitation to Health, Brief Edition 10th Edition

Dianne Hales

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2016, 2014, 2012
  • 512 Pages
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???label.coverImageAlt??? An Invitation to Health, Brief Edition 10th Edition by Dianne Hales


Offering the most current coverage available, AN INVITATION TO HEALTH: The Power of NOW, BRIEF, 10th Edition gives students the information and tools they need to build a foundation for a future of healthy living. This market-leading, student-friendly personal health text integrates health concepts -- body, mind, and spirit -- with hands-on applications students can immediately put into action. "Your Strategies for Change," "Your Strategies for Prevention," and "Health Now" features empower students to start living what they're learning, making positive lifestyle changes right now. "Health on a Budget" demonstrates practical ways students can achieve their goals in low- and no-cost ways, while "Consumer Alert" helps them apply critical thinking skills in evaluating health care. In addition, MindTap -- available with this text -- provides the ultimate personal learning experience by combining a wealth of digital resources into a single learning path to maximize course success.

Dianne Hales,

Dianne Hales is one of the most widely published and honored health writers in the country. Her bestselling textbooks include AN INVITATION TO HEALTH, AN INVITATION TO WELLNESS, and AN INVITATION TO PERSONAL CHANGE. Her trade books include the award-winning compendium of mental health information CARING FOR THE MIND: THE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO MENTAL HEALTH; THINK THIN, BE THIN (with Doris Helmering); JUST LIKE A WOMAN: HOW GENDER SCIENCE IS REDEFINING WHAT MAKES US FEMALE; THE MIND-MOOD PILL BOOK; INTENSIVE CARING: NEW HOPE FOR HIGH RISK PREGNANCY (with Dr. Timothy Johnson); HOW TO SLEEP LIKE A BABY; THE U.S. ARMY TOTAL FITNESS PROGRAM; NEW HOPE FOR PROBLEM PREGNANCIES; and THE COMPLETE BOOK OF SLEEP. The president of Italy named Hales a "cavaliere dell'Ordine della Stella della Solidarietà Italiana" (Knight of the Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity) in recognition of her bestselling book LA BELLA LINGUA as an "invaluable tool for promoting the Italian language." Her other writing awards include prizes from the American Psychiatric Association, American Psychological Association, the National Women's Political Caucus, California Psychiatric Society, CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), Council for the Advancement of Scientific Education, and the New York City Public Library. Her latest general audience book is the biography MONA LISA: A LIFE DISCOVERED.
  • Each chapter begins with a new feature, “What Do You Think?” questions that ask students to think about their personal experience and knowledge in regards to concepts in the chapter. At the end of each chapter, “What Did you Decide?” questions ask students to reflect on how their answers to these questions may have changed after reading the chapter.
  • The theme of the 10th Edition is "The Power of Now," emphasizing that students can make healthy changes and choices now that will ensure a lifetime of health.
  • "The Power of Now checklist" at the end of each chapter reinforces key behavioral changes that can enhance and safeguard students’ health.
  • As always, Invitation to Health presents the most current research in the field. The 10th Edition covers such emerging topics as the health impacts of stress, campus hookups, cyberbullying, caffeinated alcoholic beverages, electronic cigarettes and vaping, Zika virus, and many, many more.
  • Dianne Hales is a leading textbook author and prolific health journalist whose immersion in current health issues is reflected throughout AN INVITATION TO HEALTH: The Power of Now, BRIEF,10th Edition. Hales' unique understanding of today's college student
  • With her signature student-friendly style, Hales emphasizes behavior change using a practical, action-oriented approach.
  • The text offers a wealth of insightful tips and strategies to help students make positive life changes. Hallmark features include "Your Strategies for Change," "Your Strategies for Prevention," "Health on a Budget," and "Consumer Alert."
  • Helping students maximize their study time, MindTap -- available as an option with this text -- provides a unique personal learning experience that combines all the text's digital assets-reading, multimedia, activities, and assessments-into a single learning path to ensure course success.
  • Giving students hands-on experience with chapter concepts, integrated online teaching and learning resources include health surveys, an interactive behavior change planner, videos, and more.
1. The Power of Now.
2. Your Psychological and Spiritual Well Being.
3. Stress Management.
4. Social Health.
5. Personal Nutrition.
6. Weight Management
7. Physical Activity and Fitness.
8. Sexual Health.
9. Reproductive Options.
10. Major Diseases.
11. Addictions.
12. Alcohol and Tobacco.
13. Consumer Health.
14. Protecting Yourself and Your Environment.
15. A Lifetime of Health.
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