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American Music: A Panorama, Concise | 5th Edition

Lorenzo Candelaria
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ISBN-13: 9781285758329
The core of the text, the selections in this collection illustrate the breadth and depth of American music with more recordings than any other text on American music. The apt and exuberant selections-particularly in all the folk, sacred, and early popular styles-not only define important moments in the musical history of the United States, but, as with previous editions, destine the CD set for your permanent home library.

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About This Product

This concise, accessible text describes American music as a panorama of distinct yet parallel streams--vernacular, sacred, and classical--that reflect the diverse character of the United States. Comparing and contrasting musical styles across regions and time, Candelaria delivers a vision of American music both exuberant and inventive--a music that arises out of the history and musical traditions of the many immigrants to America's shores.

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