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A Street Officer's Guide to Report Writing 1st Edition

Frank Scalise, Douglas Strosahl

  • Published
  • 192 Pages


Written by experienced police officers in an engaging, conversational tone, A STREET OFFICER'S GUIDE TO REPORT WRITING teaches effective writing by examining and demonstrating the 'Four Pillars' of a well-written report (Clear, Concise, Complete, and Accurate).Packed with examples as well as stories from the authors' own experience, the book demonstrates the critical importance of writing skills in the field of criminal justice, as well as the positive effects of these skills on professional success. The book also illustrates the Five W's and One H of Journalism, email correspondence, letter writing, performance reviews, proofreading, and much more. A STREET OFFICER'S GUIDE TO REPORT WRITING is an essential resource for new officers, criminal justice students, and seasoned professionals who want to improve their report-writing skills.

Frank Scalise,

Frank Scalise has been a police officer with the Spokane Police Department since 1993 and has served in multiple capacities. Currently a captain, Scalise has taught Report Writing, as well as Sexual Assault Investigation, at the Basic Law Enforcement Academy in Washington State. Hehas written courses for online and onsite instruction in several areas of criminal justice, including Community Oriented Policing, Corrections, Victimology, and Report Writing. Captain Scalise earned a B.A. in History from Eastern Washington University, and is a published novelist under his own name and the pen name Frank Zafiro.

Douglas Strosahl,

Doug Strosahl has been a patrol officer with the Spokane Police Department since 1998. He also serves as a field training officer. Officer Strosahl has taught Report Writing at the Reserve Academy, Co-op Academy, Explorer Program training, the Basic Law Enforcement Academy, and Spokane Community College.
  • Accessible Format: A STREET OFFICER'S GUIDE TO REPORT WRITING makes readers feel like they are part of a conversation with the authors, turning a typically dry topic into one that is more appealing and easy to understand.
  • 'Four Pillars' Approach: Using the recognizable 'Four Pillars' model (Clear, Concise, Complete, Accurate), readers achieve strong results quickly, and build a solid foundation they will use for life.
  • True-to-life examples: Woven throughout the material, multiple examples based on the authors' experiences give meaningful context to the lessons, bringing readers out of the book and into the precinct.
  • Practical exercises: Readers get hands-on experience by writing practice reports and honing them according to the "Four Pillars."
  • Unforgettable Stories: More than a textbook, A STREET OFFICER'S GUIDE TO REPORT WRITING is an entertaining read laced with pop culture, humor, and real-life law enforcement stories that make retaining the material effortless.
An Introduction by Chief Anne Kirkpatrick.
Foreword by Thomas "Tad" Hughes, Director, Southern Police Institute.
Preface: A Greeting.
What are you Getting Yourself Into?
Who's Who in This Zoo?
A Pecking Order.
1. And Away We Go
What is a Police Report? It is what it is. "Report Writing is boring." Who Reads his Stuff? Case in point. A Trip to the Fair. A Quality Report. Four Pillars.
The First Pillar. You Can't Read What You Can't See. In Order To Write, Write in Order. That's What They Say. "De Plane" Language. Oops! Spell It, Spell It, Spell It Out Loud… Grammar Sucks. Case in point. Did I Mention that Grammar Sucks? Man, Am I Ever Tense. Active versus Passive Voice. Change it Up. The End is Just the Beginning. EXERCISES.
Steve Is Cool (Part I). It All Ties Together...and a River Runs Through It. Steve Is Cool (Part II). The How of it. Charlotte was Concise. Never the Twain Shall Meet. More How. A Trip to the Hospital. Exercises.
The Ballad of Woody. You Complete Me. The Reason for the Box. Whaddaya See, Whaddaya Hear? You Do, Bad Guy Do. Think Journalism. Another Trip to the Hospital. The Weight. Exercises.
How important is it to be accurate? Yin of Accuracy. The Yang of Accuracy. The One-Eyed Man is King Today's is Yesterday's Tomorrow. How About Them Boxes? Roles People Play. How Much for That DVD Player in My Living Room? That's What Pete Said. OPINIONS. Tee it High and Let it Fly. Time to Summarize (not Winter-ize) Proof of the Crime. How do you proofread? Final Accuracy. Exercises.
Appendix A: What Am I Looking For?
Appendix B: Looking ahead
Keep on Writin' in the Free World.
Professional Letters.
Memorandum and Proposals.
Performance Reviews.
Formal Reviews.
White Papers.
Et cetera.
Final Thoughts.
Appendix C: A Final Review.
Appendix D: Final Review Key.
Appendix E: A (good) Example Burglary Report.

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  • ISBN-13: 9781133824121
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  • ISBN-13: 9781111542504
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