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A Guide to Computer User Support for Help Desk and Support Specialists 6th Edition

Fred Beisse

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  • ISBN-10: 1305538803
  • ISBN-13: 9781305538801
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  • ISBN-10: 1285852680
  • ISBN-13: 9781285852683
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $140.25
  • RETAIL $186.95


Equip current and future user-support professionals with the people skills and exceptional technical abilities to provide outstanding support with A GUIDE TO COMPUTER USER SUPPORT FOR HELP DESK AND SUPPORT SPECIALISTS, 6TH EDITION. This useful guide focuses on the information resources and technical tools students need most to function in a support position. Students develop the skills to troubleshoot and problem solve, communicate with clients, determine a client's specific technology needs, train end-users, and handle budgeting and management priorities. Clear, balanced coverage highlights the latest developments, from Web and email-based support to advancements in Microsoft Windows, cloud computing, and ethics today.

Fred Beisse, Lane Community College

Fred Beisse teaches Computer Information Technology at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon, where he has designed and led courses in user support, information analysis and visualization, project management, and geographical information systems. Beisse builds on more than 30 years of experience in computer management positions, where he has been responsible for end-user support, computer services, computer facilities planning, and operations management.
  • PROFESSIONAL SOFTWARE ENABLES HANDS-ON, REAL BUSINESS PRACTICE. This edition incorporates freely downloadable versions of LBE Helpdesk software and Microsoft® Office Project Professional 2010.
  • PRACTICAL, STRAIGHTFORWARD APPROACH TO TECHNICAL ISSUES HELPS STUDENTS BUILD CRITICAL SKILLS WITH CONFIDENCE. The book’s technical practicality and straightforward tone help students build and strengthen today’s most critical skills, from decision making and successfully communicating with a client to determining a client's specific needs, writing for the end-user, and handling ethical challenges.
  • COMPELLING ROLE-PLAYING SCENARIOS SPUR DYNAMIC CLASS DISCUSSION. Now you can put your students into actual, challenging customer support situations, as the book’s role-playing scenarios illustrate both strong and weak examples of customer service situations.
  • NUMEROUS CASE STUDIES ILLUSTRATE TROUBLESHOOTING AND PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS AT WORK IN REAL SITUATIONS. A wide variety of Case Studies drawn from actual incidences demonstrate how to most effectively apply troubleshooting and problem-solving skills to real business and support situations.

A Guide to Computer User Support for Help Desk and Support Specialists


Chapter 1: Introduction to Computer User Support.
Chapter 2: Customer Service Skills for User Support Agents.
Chapter 3: Writing for End Users.
Chapter 4: Skills for Troubleshooting Technology Problems.
Chapter 5: Common Support Problems.
Chapter 6: Help Desk Operation.
Chapter 7: User Support Management.
Chapter 8: Product Evaluation Strategies and Support Standard.
Chapter 9: End-User Needs Assessment Projects.
Chapter 10: Installing and Managing End-User Technology.
Chapter 11: Technology Training for Users.
Chapter 12: A User Support Utility Tool Kit.
Appendix A: Answers to Check Your Understanding Questions.
Appendix B: LBE Helpdesk Evaluation Edition.
Appendix C: User Support Presentations and Meetings.

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ISBN: 9781285852690
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