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  • To build the best learning solutions, we go straight to the experts: educators.
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Don’t take our word for it! Read the research. You can be confident that Cengage solutions are effective because they’re built on principles based in academic research.

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As a Cengage Student Ambassador, you’ll make an impact on campus and in your community. Plus, it looks great on your resume—just sayin’.

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MindTap is built for students who are ready to take on challenges. Speed toward your goals with a learning solution that’s as unstoppable as you are.

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With robust WebAssign online tools, you can manage your course your way. Content, assessment, analytics, and support. Go for it. You’re in control.

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You’re more than your GPA. You’re developing skills for life. Collect, organize, and tag a portfolio of your work to show employers you’re the right fit.

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