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SAM 2010: Skills Assessment Manager

SAM 2010 is interactive software that includes Assessment, Training, and Project-based grading solutions offering students a real-world approach to learning and applying important computer skills. SAM is completely web-based and is designed to prepare students for real-world use of the most widely-used application software (Microsoft Office 2010), operating systems (Windows 7) and browser (Internet Explorer). SAM complements Course Technology's market-leading textbooks for a cohesive learning experience. SAM assignments may be hands-on in realistic simulations, live in the application or from a bank of tens of thousands of objective-based questions (multiple-choice, true-false, short answer, etc.)

Instructors use SAM to:

  • Gauge what students know and what they don't, either on a skills basis or in terms of an entire project
  • Create class sections and then create assignments
  • Run reports on performance

Students use SAM to:

  • Help them to learn and apply skills they will use far beyond the classroom so that they become effective employees.
  • Learn skills in the way that they learn best: reading, watching or doing
  • Complement the in-class work they do with their textbooks.

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Available Titles for Skills Assessment Manager (SAM) - Office 2010

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