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OWL (Online Web Learning)

Improve student learning outcomes with OWL, the #1 online homework and tutorial system for chemistry. Developed by chemistry instructors for teaching chemistry, OWL includes powerful course management tools that make homework management a breeze, as well as advanced reporting and gradebook features that save you time in grading homework and tracking student progress. With OWL, you can address your students’ different learning styles through a wide range of assignment types including tutorials, simulations, visualization exercises, active figures, and algorithmically generated homework questions with instant answer-specific feedback. Through OWL’s unique mastery learning approach, students can work at their own pace until they understand each concept and skill. Each time a student tries a problem, OWL changes the chemistry and wording of the question, as well as the numbers, to ensure student mastery. With OWL, you’ll experience unmatched training, service, and expert support to help you implement your OWL course.

OWL is continually enhanced with online learning tools to address the various learning styles of today's students such as:

· e-Books, which offer a fully integrated electronic textbook linked to OWL questions.
· Go Chemistry™ mini video lectures downloadable to students' video iPods, iPhones, or hand-held video players.
· Quick Prep review courses that help students learn essential skills to succeed in General and Organic Chemistry.
· Thinkwell Video Lessons that combine video, audio, and whiteboard examples.
· Jmol molecular visualization program for rotating molecules and measuring bond distances and angles.

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