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Please note that our website has moved! To access the latest training and support materials for Diet Analysis Plus, please visit our new Digital Course Support website.

Featuring a database with over 20,000 foods that can be personalized with recipes, the market leading Diet Analysis Plus enables students to track their diet and activities, generate reports, complete assignments, and gain a better understanding of how nutrition relates to their personal health goals.

Easy Navigation: The improved interface provides even easier navigation of Diet Analysis Plus. The homepage provides one-stop access to the profile, diet, activities, reports, and labs.

New Assignments: These labs provide critical thinking opportunities where students learn even more about the health implications of their eating habits and the effects of even small changes.

New Activity Questionnaire: Students create their own personal profiles based on height, weight, age, sex, and activity level. The Activity Questionnaire then assesses the student's true activity level and more accurately determines the proper Dietary Reference Intakes.

Track from 1 to 365 Days: The visual month-to-month calendar enables tracking of food intake for up to 365 days and allows students to quickly see the dates where they entered food and activities.

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