Accessible Format Requests for Students & Instructors with Disabilities

Your textbook may already be available for purchase in an accessible format. To see if an e-version of your book is available for purchase, please visit CengageBrain.

In Canada, please check with NelsonBrain to see if the title is available for purchase.

If an accessible text is not available for purchase, a DISABILITY SUPPORT SERVICES OFFICIAL may request an electronic file of the print materials from Cengage Learning on behalf of a student or an instructor with a disability that prevents him or her from using standard instructional materials.

Please select from one of the following options:

IMPORTANT: During back–to–school and other busy academic periods, you might experience an extended response and fulfillment time. If you have an urgent request, we suggest contacting us via our e-mail form or by phone at 1-800-730-2214.

Contact information for other publishers may be found at the Association of American Publishers’ website.

Requests for Cengage Learning files must be submitted by the DISABILITY SUPPORT SERVICES OFFICIAL at the institution. Files will be provided only to such representatives. The product must be adopted for classroom use. Each qualified student must PURCHASE the product, or the institution may PURCHASE a copy for each student.