Go Chemistry® Video Lectures

Available for General Chemistry, Allied Health Chemistry, and Introductory/Preparatory Chemistry, Go Chemistry is a set of 27 mini video lectures on essential chemistry topics that students can view in OWL or download to their video iPod, iPhone, or hand-held video player — ideal for study on the go!

OWL contains five Go Chemistry modules for General Chemistry. Click here to go to CengageBrain.com to purchase additional modules with ISBN 0-495-38228-0.

You can view these two sample videos here or download them to your iPod, portable video player, iPhone, or iTunes. Click here to see complete list of Go Chemistry modules.

pH, part 1 (of 2)  

Limiting Reactants, part 1 (of 2)  

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With OWL’s five integrated Go Chemistry modules for General Chemistry, students can learn chemistry on the go through mini video lectures that include animations and problems for a quick summary of key concepts.
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