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For Students, MindTap Turns the Light on MobilityBetter GradesEase of Use

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No more searching for highlighters and notebooks. MindTap Reader lets you highlight and take notes online, right within the pages.

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The new MindTap Mobile App is made for today’s student – providing the mobility and flexibility to make any time study time.     

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Peer-to-peer learning facilitated through the innovative marketplace help students boost both grades and income.


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Outstanding Outcomes

At Texas Tech, students using MindTap for General Chemistry had an 87% success rate in the course, an increase of 26% over those using Pearson’s MasteringChemistry.

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Historical Accuracy

In a study of 2500 U.S. History students, those using MindTap in their course achieved a 13% increase in their final grade over students who didn’t use MindTap.

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Psyched for Better Grades

In a study of 14 Introductory Psychology courses across 13 institutions, students using MindTap did 33% better in a post-test exam than those who did not use MindTap.

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Nov 2015

The Journey to Digital: “Make It Count” through Assignment

Join Professors Brandee Coltharp of Ivy Tech Community College and Anne Gupton of Mott Community College as they share their experiences making it count with digital and how they have found assignment to affect engagement and outcomes. Hear the student perspective, too, as a current student offers insight as a receiver of digital learning.

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Improve your teaching strategies through virtual events with thought-leaders.

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There are over 450 MindTap solutions spanning the curriculum. Check to see if we have a MindTap course for you.

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Exchange MindTap success strategies, best practices, and implementation experiences with faculty across the country.

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Digital Course Support

When you adopt Mind Tap, a dedicated team of experts provides proactive, ongoing support that includes course set-up, usage statistics, and regular check-ins.

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Technical Support

Your adoption of MindTap includes phone, chat, and e-mail Technical Support for you and your students.

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LMS Integration

Cengage Learning Learning Management System (LMS) integration for LMS administrators, instructors, and students reduces the time required to set up courses, sign into the system, find materials for the current unit or assignment, correct online assignments, and post grades.

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MindTap and Gale Artemis:
Primary Sources

A winning combination...
Gale Artemis: Primary Sources can now be linked through MindTap, allowing instructors to integrate library-purchased primary source materials into course readings, projects, and other classroom assignments.

Integration is easy
If you are using a MindTap course and your library has purchased access to Gale Artemis: Primary Sources, you simply need to request activation.

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