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How to Teach the Silent Type

In last week’s blog, I talked about how to teach the Interpersonal Learner.  This week I want to share with you how to teach the Intrapersonal Learner. The intrapersonal is the opposite of a social (interpersonal) learner, they learn best when working alone.

Strengths of the Intrapersonal Learner

  • This learner relates to the world independently through self-examination and reflection.
  • This student contemplates and self-assess their accomplishments, review their behavior and innermost feelings.
  • They retain information better after they have had time to think about it.

How Do They Learn?

These learners do best with self-paced materials and activities they work on independently.

This learner will enjoy:

  • Independent study
  • Individual assignments
  • Keeping a journal
  • Independent research projects
  • Reflection time
  • Situational problems
  • Setting goals and creating a plan to meet them

Provide them with a quiet setting to study and allow them to work through things alone.  Award this learner time to process what they have learned before asking them for feedback or having them take a test.  They will be recharged simply by having some alone time.

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Lisha Barnes

Lisha Barnes

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