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Are you Using Technology in the Classroom? You Should!

I recently read an interesting article-survey about teaching with technology in 2018.  There’s no question about it educators are growing fonder of technology every year.  Yes, even iPhones are being accepted as a classroom tool.

The survey showed that educators revealed an overwhelmingly positive attitude toward technology in the classroom and the many positive impacts it has on teaching, learning and professional development.

Below are some of the most interesting numbers from The Journal Survey.

  • 75% of educators thought that technology is making a positive impact on education and 38.37% out of the 75% said technology is hugely impacting education as a whole.

Regarding technology making educators jobs easier:

  • 75% of educators said it makes their jobs easier. There was an overwhelming agreement that the use of technology in the classroom had had a positive impact on the effectiveness of their overall teaching.
  • A large percent of educators (82.92%) said the use of technology in the classroom has positively impacted their ability to teach.

Technology’s impact on students learning:

  • A whopping 84% of educators said technology had a positive impact on their students learning
  • Educators “believe technology will have a positive role to play in education in the future,” respondents were nearly unanimous: 96% said “yes.”

Whether you’re integrating technology and digital resources into your classrooms through mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or your school has a computer lab, the consensus is technology is making a positive impact on you and your students.

Educators, if you’re not embracing technology, and/or digital resources like MindTap in your classrooms, it might be time to reconsider, the benefits are two-fold.

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Patti Wanamaker

Patti Wanamaker

Patti Wanamaker brings 21 years of experience to the Milady team, where she currently serves as an Academic Training Specialist. Her intimate understanding of the salon, school, and beauty industry comes from 18 years of hands-on experience as a multi-faceted training specialist, including 8 years of salon and spa ownership of 3 salons with annual sales of $5 million. Her experience in all 3 areas of our industry allows her to think outside the box and develop innovative trainings that not only inspire, but empower educators/trainers to create the most effective learning environments for their students.