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Giving Back to Your Community

The other day I ran across a news story about Central Barber Shop in Seattle. It is a powerful story about two barbers who are giving back to their community. Take a look at the story and video below. I loved this story from the moment I watched it.  […]

great job

Building GRIT

As a follow-up to my last blog Are You Gritty?, I discussed the theory behind why some students fail while others succeed.  It isn’t necessarily based on one’s IQ but rather it’s based on one’s grittiness. “Grit” is related to how much one can inspire themselves, access their passions, and […]

classroom music game


One of my favorite TV shows this summer has been Beat Shazam hosted by Jamie Foxx. Three teams of two face off against each other to be the fastest at identifying popular songs by their correct name to win cash prizes. Basically, it is a game show for music! What […]

student success

Are you Gritty?

This morning as I was getting ready to start my day, I found myself in need of a little inspiration, I put on an interesting TED Talks video. The topic was “Why do Some Students Fail and Other Students Succeed?” I found the video quite interesting as this is a […]

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Teach Your Students How to Be Successful

The other day while surfing through MiladyPro, I ran across this great blog post: 10 Daily Habits that Will Grow Your Business. It contains great advice on how a beauty professional can grow their business. Not only are these habits that beauty professionals can follow, they are great habits for […]

classroom kindness

The Great Kindness Challenge

This past week I was on the road traveling for work and found myself sitting in the airport thinking, “What happened to people being polite to one another?  How about being kind?” Let’s face it: we have become a society where few people say “please and thank you.” I hate […]

you matter

Why do you matter?

This week, Milady’s General Manager, Sandra Bruce, shared the following post from Every Monday Matters with our Milady Team: We have an important announcement to make. You are awesome, amazing, one-of-a-kind, and a true gift to the world. How does that feel? Do you believe it? Well, you should… because […]

sticky notes

Go Paperless

Using sticky notes certainly isn’t a new concept in helping one stay organized. Thanks to technology, the old-fashioned sticky notes have a new look and feel. Getting organized and staying on task is now even easier within the classroom.  With a few simple clicks you can create, customize and save […]