cosmetology school first day

Turn Your Start Days into a Welcome Party!

As summer begins to wrap up, those of us in career education will often see a bump in our student enrollments this time of year as many people choose to enroll in school as fall begins.  As these new students enter your school, what do you do to welcome them?  […]

creativity in the cosmetology-classroom

Brainspark those Creative Juices

Let’s face it, creativity is an important aspect in the life of a beauty and wellness professional. You and your students likely chose a career in this field as it provides a great outlet for creativity. The challenge is that often we find ourselves not feeling creative or experiencing creative […]

left vs right brain

Right vs. Left

Our students possess a variety of learning styles.  As Master Educators, we know that our students learn in many ways.  Our brain is the source of who we are and how we learn.  The theory of Brain Dominance is based on research showing us that we use different sides of […]

mindtap scavenger hunt

MindTap Scavenger Hunt 

Looking for a fun way to help students get familiar with all the amazing features of MindTap?  Why not create a MindTap Scavenger hunt to help your students become more comfortable with navigating through MindTap and to allow them to learn all of the features? Start by having a MindTap […]

word cloud

Using Word Clouds in the Classroom

One of the biggest challenges we face as educators is appealing to all types of learners within the classroom.  One great way to help all students, particularly visual learners, engage with reading is to use Word Clouds.  Word Clouds can help turn those boring reading assignments or learning key words […]

classroom student salon customer service

The Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

I recently read a quote, “customer service isn’t a big thing; it’s a million little things.” This quote got me thinking about how we as Master Educators provide customer service to our students. After all, the students that fill our classrooms and student salons are our number one customer. We […]