student salon holiday competition

Holiday Student Salon Competition

As we continue our way through the Holiday season, our student salons tend to get busy and a bit crazy at times. Clients are trying to get those last minute appointments before their Holiday parties and it can make for a stressful student salon. To help your students and staff […]

not licensed to fail

Not Licensed to Fail!

One of the questions I often get from educators as I travel around the country is, “How can I motivate my students?”. If you had some sort of tool you could give your students to help them identify and focus on their goals wouldn’t that be helpful? Well, wait no […]

time saving tech tips

Time-Saving Tech Tips

They say technology makes our lives easier, right?  But, too often it seems to make things harder for some while others seem to “click” right through it.  The reason some “click” through it is because they know all the tech shortcuts to make their lives easier.  Whether you’re using technology […]

haircutting simulation

Why Haircutting is all Fun and Games

If you have ever sat in one of our Master Educator classes, you probably know that I am a big fan of incorporating different teaching methods into my classroom.  My favorite methods usually revolve around games, technology, and hands-on technical training. These teaching methods are fantastic ways to involve the […]

proper handshake

What Your Handshake Says About You

I recently returned from teaching a Master Educator class, where I was speaking with a group of educators. The topic we discussed were the struggles students have greeting and welcoming clients. The fact that many students are uncomfortable with a simple handshake. For many students, the thought of approaching a […]