snackable content

Make Your Content Snackable

One of the characteristics of today’s learner is that they have short attention spans.  They receive information quickly and in small, bite-sized pieces.  Think of the apps they use on their phones.  With Twitter they are limited to 140 characters.  When using Snapchat, they connect with their friends throughout the […]

cell phones in the classroom

Cell Phones as a Classroom Tool

Are you tired of battling with students using their cell phones in class?  Why not remove the battle? One of the most effective ways is to incorporate cell phones in the classroom is for learning.  Let’s apply it to one of the most commonly used teaching methods in our classrooms.  […]

Amazing Lash Studio Esthetics Scholarship Program

Fall 2017 Beauty Changes Lives – Amazing Lash Studio Esthetics Scholarship Program   Applications for the Amazing Lash Studio Education Scholarship are open June 12, 2017 through August 14, 2017. Amazing Lash Studio was founded in with the vision to create excellence and affordability in the eyelash extension industry.  Amazing […]

internet connection speed test

Internet Connection Speed Test

As the use of technology increases in schools, whether it be students using their devices in the classroom or instructors streaming videos and utilizing online learning platforms to enrich their curriculums, you might be experiencing challenges when downloading content, opening web pages, streaming videos, images, or music. If you find […]