Whack a Word

My friend and fellow educator, Ida McLean from Searcy Beauty College, shared this game with me recently.  I thought it sounded like a wonderful game for you to implement for your review sessions. To set up the game, make a list of terms from the chapter you are reviewing.  Print […]

An App for Icebreakers

Chances are we have all used an icebreaker in our classroom at one time or another.  Icebreakers are used as a tool to get students to know each other when they first start school or move from one level of training to the next.  It allows students to find what […]


Houston, We Have a Problem

The other night I met some friends out for dinner.  I arrived to the restaurant, greeted my friends and approached the hostess station to check-in.  I was informed that we didn’t have a reservation. I had personally made the reservation, as we were celebrating a 50th birthday, and it was […]

Mobile Show and Tell

What do you think is a Millennial’s favorite smartphone feature? Would it surprise you to know it’s a camera?  They love taking photos and sharing those photos with the world through Snapchat and Instagram.  Since they enjoy this so much, why not find a fun way to bring their love […]

It All Begins with the Hook

Every great presenter uses what they refer to as a “hook.” The hook is what they use to grab their audience’s attention at the beginning of their presentations. What makes a great presenter is how quickly one captures their audience. We can use this “hook” concept in the classroom. How […]

Bring Lessons to Life with Animoto

There’s no question about it, today’s students are all about self-expression.  In fact, the millennial generation is known as “content creators and users.”   Today’s students live in a world of self-expression which includes selfies, posting pictures with friends and even creating live videos on an array of social media platforms. […]