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7 Ways to Make Classroom Icebreakers Fun

Icebreakers are used to allow new students the opportunity to get to know each other.  You can also use them to help new students meet students already in school. Make your icebreakers fun and light-hearted, and don’t force students to get too personal with who they are. Do you struggle […]

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2018 CND Master Nail Scholarship Program

Educators, scholarships are not just for your students. The CND Master Nail Scholarship program is now accepting applications through September 15, 2018.  The scholarship is exclusively for licensed professionals interested in advanced continuing nail education through an authorized CND Distributor. The Beauty Changes Lives | CND | Master Nail Scholarship […]

intrapersonal learner

How to Teach the Silent Type

In last week’s blog, I talked about how to teach the Interpersonal Learner.  This week I want to share with you how to teach the Intrapersonal Learner. The intrapersonal is the opposite of a social (interpersonal) learner, they learn best when working alone. Strengths of the Intrapersonal Learner This learner […]

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Unplug While on Vacation

All educators need time to recharge their batteries, after all, you have worked hard all year long, and you’re dreaming of lying on the beach, spending times in the mountains or just relaxing at home, a well-deserved vacation is in order. Vacation time is a time to unplug from the […]

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How to Handle the Talkative One

Do you have students in your class who always seem to be talking?  Students who always seems to know what is going on and knows the moods of the whole school?   Chances are, this student is an Interpersonal Learner. Strengths of the Interpersonal Learner An interpersonal learner has a natural […]

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2018 Amazing Lash Studio Esthetics Scholarship Program

The 2018 Amazing Lash Studio Esthetics Scholarship program is now accepting applications through August 31, 2018. The Amazing Lash Studio was founded in 2010 with the vision to create excellence and affordability in the eyelash extension industry.  The company is dedicated to raising the bar on long-lasting beauty and professionalism […]

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The Perfect Scholarship Opportunity

The European Wax Center “Unapologetic You” Scholarship Program is now accepting applications through September 15, 2018. This scholarship provides an opportunity for students who are currently enrolled in an accredited esthetics or cosmetology licensure program. Each scholarship is generously funded to help offset the cost of tuition to help the […]