Hate Taking Notes

Hate Taking Notes in Class?

Do you have students that dislike or struggle with note taking?  For many students, the thought of having to take notes is enough to make them cringe.  The reality is most creative-minded people do not see the world through “linear” thoughts.  So, the mere thought of having to take “linear’ […]

Students Not Paying Attention

Wake up its Class-time!

Coming up next…. Do you struggle with students not paying attention in class?  Do they show up to theory half asleep?  Look at this video and learn how to grab your students’ attention right from the start.  

100 Years of Style

100 Years of Style

Last week I ran across a fun Facebook post by my friend Patti Eaton from River Bend Career and Technical Center in Bradford, Vermont.  They were studying hairstyling and gave the students an assignment “100 Years of Style”. Students could pick any decade since 1900, such as the 20’s, 50’s, […]


Morning Rituals to Set You Up for Success

Having a good start to the day can have a significant effect on your level of productivity as well as shape your attitude for the entire day. Whether you’re an instructor or a student our morning rituals greatly affect the outcome of one’s day. Have you ever wondered why some […]

answer with a gif

Answer with a GIF Only

The most recent trend I’ve seen on Facebook is where someone asks a question and then tells you to answer with a GIF only. I’ve not actually responded to any, but I do enjoy going through the responses and seeing how people responded. I never gave it much more thought […]


MindTap Training…Made Easy!

If you are a current MindTap user or you’re interested in becoming a little more familiar with the product.  I would like to invite you to view the Milady on demand step-by-step video tutorials. These step-by-step video guides will walk you through each step as you learn how to successfully […]

Are you doing what you love?

Today, in our monthly team meeting, Kim Berube, Milady’s Marketing Manager gave our team an update on the recent AACS event in Washington D.C.  She shared the story of an attendee who had told her that it was always so nice to see the Milady team because they always seemed […]

2018 Amazing Lash Studio Esthetics Scholarship Program

The 2018 Amazing Lash Studio Esthetics Scholarship program will be accepting applications 6/11/18 – 8/13/18. The Amazing Lash Studio was founded in 2010 with the vision to create excellence and affordability in the eyelash extension industry.  The company is dedicated to raising the bar on long-lasting beauty and professionalism in […]