Enhanced InSite for Composition
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CourseCare connects you with people.

Available exclusively through Cengage Learning, CourseCare is a revolutionary program designed to provide you with exceptional services and support to integrate Enhanced InSite into your course. As part of the program, our service and training consultants provide expert and flexible training options to prepare you for the first day of class through the final exam. Our dedicated team of digital solutions experts will ensure you and your students have a successful and engaging course experience. Learn more.

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Key Features

  Service and Support
Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, you and your students have access to downloadable support documentation and our customer support team. Ask any question and get an immediate response.
  GradeMark® Tools
A library of correction marks called QuickMarks™ makes it possible to insert editing marks and comments anywhere on a paper. Grammar, mechanics, and usage marks allow for consistent and standardized grading practices—and provide students with an easy-to-use reference tool for remediation and review. GradeMark correction marks also offer direct links back to the appropriate section of the handbook. A remediation quiz is automatically assigned when a student reaches the instructor-set threshold.
  Rubric Library
A library of fully customizable rubrics lets instructors establish and apply uniform assessment criteria to students’ papers.
Peer review tools allow you to assign specific papers for students’ review, create a series of questions to guide their review, build a library of peer review questions, set response thresholds, and view multiple versions of a single essay as it evolves from idea to final draft.
  Resources for Writers
Resources for Writers offers a variety of activities for students to practice and refine their understanding of key concepts via interactive exercises on grammar and proofreading, anti-plagiarism tutorials, writing modules, multimedia activities, and downloadable grammar podcasts.
  Originality Checker
Powered by Turnitin®, the world’s most widely used plagiarism-prevention service, Enhanced InSite’s Originality Checker helps students learn how to cite sources properly and promotes fairness in the classroom by helping you easily identify plagiarism when it occurs. Within seconds, the Originality Checker can generate a comprehensive originality report that displays any matching content.
  Personal Tutor
Access to private tutoring resources provides your students with additional assistance and review as they write their papers. With this valuable resource, students will gain access to multiple sessions to be used either as tutoring services or paper submissions—whichever they need most!
  Interactive E-book
An interactive e-book handbook provides your students with instant access to the reference material most used and needed in the composition course. It includes interactive exercises, a highlighting and note-taking tool, a printing option, and a search tool. Text-specific e-book versions are available with selected titles, featuring an integrated, online workbook and links to videos that enhance text content.
  And More!
GradeBook and Course Management: Easily track and manage individual student performance and use reporting functionality for class based management and statistics building.
Assignment Library: A robust assignment library with pre-loaded content enables instructors to quickly build a class with writing and peer review assignments.
Research: Free access to InfoTrac College Edition, giving students access to a database of more than 20 million full-text articles from nearly 6,000 journals.
Discussion Boards: Fully integrated Discussion Boards enhance the online learning experience by allowing instructors and students to share ideas and correspond easily, in or outside of the classroom.
Service and Support: 24 hours a day/7 days a week chat hours. Ask a question on our tech support site and get an immediate response back.
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