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4 Reasons College Students Love CengageNOW

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Traditional homework assignments were met with moans and groans from Kristen Quinn’s accounting class. So she introduced CengageNOW, which she says “was huge to keeping the students engaged while learning on their own.”

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Michael O’Neill’s accounting students were skipping steps to learning in their rush to get the answer. Taking his class online with CengageNOW helped get learners focused on the process – “They can’t fudge the answer; it gives them practice opportunities for the algorithmic-type problems.”

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Students discussed their experience using CengageNOWv2. We talked to over 500 students at 173 schools across the country to see how they’d rate their learning experience with CNOWv2.

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LMS Integration

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Let CengageNOWv2 link you to a simple, engaging experience for instructors and students. Cengage Learning provides Learning Management System (LMS) single sign-on integration for LMS administrators, instructors, and class participants.

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Digital Course Support

A dedicated team of experts provides proactive, ongoing support that includes course set-up, usage statistics, and regular check-ins.

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Training Resources

Access to user guides, brief how-to videos, and additional training resources.

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Exchange success strategies and best practices with faculty across the country using CengageNOW.

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Technical Support

Your adoption of CengageNOW includes Technical Support for you and your students.

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