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The School Counselor as Consultant: An Integrated Model for School-based Consultation 1st Edition

Richard D. Parsons, Wallace J. Kahn

  • Published
  • 304 Pages


This unique text articulates a solution-focused, collaborative model of consultation that operates within a systems view of a school. This model allows counselors to conceptualize and employ a number of interventions, from those that take place at the level of a single student to those addressing the expanse of the community at large. In addition to its unique integrative model, the text distinguishes itself from others in its pedagogical approach. This book blends theory with practice and provides students with the tools to apply concepts through the use of practice exercises, case simulations and illustrations.

Richard D. Parsons, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Richard D. Parsons is the author of approximately 19 books including several Wadsworth titles: 'Educational Psychology: A Practitioner-Researcher Model of Teaching' (with Stephanie Hinson and Deborah Sardo-Brown) and 'Teacher as Reflective Practitioner and Action Researcher' (with Kimberlee Brown). Parsons has co-authored over 60 professional articles and book chapters. He is a licensed psychologist and certified school psychologist. In addition to his professional membership, Parsons has been named a member of American Men and Women of Science and American Catholic Who's Who and received the Pennsylvania Counseling Association's Counselor of the Year award.

Wallace J. Kahn, West Chester University

Dr. Kahn is currently a professor in the department of counseling and educational psychology at West Chester University. Dr. Kahn specializes in child, family and school counseling and has been a counselor educator for 32 years. He has written one text with Brooks/Cole on cognitive-behavioral theory. Dr. Kahn is actively engaged in consultation with Elementary, Middle, High School and Universities across the nation, thus bringing practical experience to their knowledge of theory and research.
1. The School Counselor: Addressing the Increasing Need for Service.
2. Consulting: Providing an Integrated Model of Service Delivery.
3. The School as System: Basic Elements.
4. System Dynamics: Responding to Change.
5. The Counselor as an Agent of Change.
6. The Stages of the Consultation Process.
7. Communication for Effective Consulting.
8. Working with Resistance.
9. Client Focused Consultation: The Student as Client.
10. The Consultee as Focus: When Knowledge, Skill, and Objectivity are Needed.
11. The Group as Client: From Team Building to Mediation.
12. The System as Client: System Focused Consultation.
13. Ethical Concerns and Considerations.
14. Applying What We Know.

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  • ISBN-10: 0534628656
  • ISBN-13: 9780534628659
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $99.75
  • RETAIL $132.95

"This text addresses an important issue for school counselors in an in depth fashion that I have not seen anywhere else--systematic consultation. The book covers consultation with both breadth and depth."

"I found THE SCHOOL COUNSELOR AS CONSULTANT to be a comprehensive text covering both theory and practice of consultation in the schools. Its strengths include: a thorough review of the literature, relevant application exercises and helpful suggested readings and Web sites."