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THE ENDURING DEMOCRACY offers a current and comprehensive introduction to American government and politics, explored through an historical lens. The book helps students understand that debates and events being played out today have occurred before in different forms-and that our government endures. Updates include complete coverage of the 2014 midterm elections; the policy agenda for the final two years of the Obama administration; a primer on the polls, parties, and context for the 2016 presidential election; substantial coverage of the growing impact of social media on American politics; and new historical perspectives on implementation problems associated with major federal programs such as Obamacare. Also included are updated timelines that highlight significant events in each chapter and a new feature that emphasizes the relevance of major U.S. Supreme Court decisions and how they influence students' everyday lives. NEW! MindTap – Cengage Learning’s fully online learning solution – is automatically included with the purchase of the print text. MindTap combines student learning tools - readings, multimedia, activities and assessments - into a singular Learning Path. Faculty can use MindTap as a turnkey solution or easily customize by adding up to the minute news stories, YouTube videos, RSS feeds, or their own content directly within it. With MindTap, it’s refreshingly simple to keep American Government course materials current, relatable, and engaging. Students will also appreciate that with MindTap everything is in one place – the eBook, activities, flashcards, quizzes, dictionary, and more – making study time more efficient. The print text, now significantly more affordable, directs students to activities within MindTap. MindTap can also be purchased on its own if a student prefers to study completely online. The choice is theirs. To learn how easy –and beneficial - it is to start using MindTap in your courses, visit

Kenneth Dautrich, University of Connecticut

Professor Kenneth Dautrich (Ph.D., Rutgers University) teaches public opinion and public policy in the Department of Public Policy at the University of Connecticut. His research focuses on public opinion about the news media and free expression rights. He has authored a number of books and articles including THE FUTURE OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT (Roman and Littlefield, 2008), THE FIRST AMENDMENT AND THE MEDIA IN THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION (Cambridge University Press, 2003), and HOW THE NEWS MEDIA FAIL THE AMERICAN VOTER (Columbia University Press, 1999). He is currently finishing a book entitled THE PARADOX OF PUBLIC OPINION (Oxford University Press). Dautrich has conducted many public polls on media, voting, and public policy issues for organizations such as Time Magazine, The Freedom Forum, and a variety of state and federal government agencies. He has been a research fellow at The Freedom Forum's Media Studies Center and Rutgers University's Heldrich Center. He has also served as policy advisor for Governor Jodi Rell. His research on public attitudes about the First Amendment has been supported by the Media Studies Center and the Knight Foundation.

David Yalof, University of Connecticut

David A. Yalof (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University; B.A. and J.D., University of Virginia) is Professor and Department Head of Political Science at the University of Connecticut. His expertise and teaching and research interests include constitutional law, judicial politics, and the presidency. Professor Yalof is the author of PURSUIT OF JUSTICES: PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS AND THE SELECTION OF SUPREME COURT NOMINEES, winner of the American Political Science Association's Richard E. Neustadt Prize for the Best Book on the Presidency. He is also the co-author of THE FIRST AMENDMENT AND THE MEDIA IN THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION (with Kenneth Dautrich) and THE FUTURE OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT: THE DIGITAL MEDIA, CIVIC EDUCATION, AND FREE EXPRESSION RIGHTS IN AMERICA'S HIGH SCHOOLS (also with Ken Dautrich). Dr. Yalof has written numerous articles for publications such as Political Research Quarterly, Judicature, and Constitutional Commentary. His most recent work, PROSECUTION AMONG FRIENDS: PRESIDENTS, ATTORNEYS GENERAL, AND EXECUTIVE BRANCH WRONGDOING was published by the Texas A & M University Press. He is currently working on a book-length project examining the role that constitutional precedents played in the recent debate over health care reform.
  • This edition has been updated to include complete coverage of the 2014 midterm election results; analysis of the policy agenda for the final two years of the Obama administration; and a primer on the polls, parties, and context for the 2016 presidential election. You'll also find new historical perspectives on implementation problems associated with major federal programs such as Obamacare as well as increased coverage of minorities, insights into current domestic and foreign policy events (including in Syria and Ukraine), and discussion of many other timely topics.
  • Chapter 12, “The Media and American Politics,” has been completely revised, and provides substantial coverage of the growing impact of social media on American politics.
  • New “Supreme Court Decisions Impacting Our Lives” features provide a deeper look at a variety of important Supreme Court cases throughout history and how they affect us today. These boxes offer context that helps students with the application of the cases, and include critical-thinking questions to further encourage student comprehension and reflection.
  • Full timelines have been added to every chapter-opening “Then and Now” feature, offering an excellent snapshot of important events throughout American history related to the topic at hand.
  • An improved end-of-chapter section now ties the chapter summary and Test Yourself quiz to clearly defined learning objectives, creating an in-text study guide that helps students review and assess their comprehension of each chapter's key concepts.
  • THE ENDURING DEMOCRACY is now seamlessly integrated with MindTap™, included with this edition. Marginal icons direct students to a variety of assignable, gradable activities that get them up to speed with current events, promote their interaction with one another through online discussion boards and polling questions, and engage them with interactive activities and quizzes that are correlated to clearly defined learning outcomes-all while keeping instructors deeply informed of student progress and time spent in the course.
  • This edition is significantly more affordable than the previous edition.
  • “The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same” boxes give ample attention to the premise that American political history has a habit of repeating itself. Students see how “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” through examples of contemporary problems and controversies that have been identified, tackled, and in some cases resolved in earlier years. These boxes include critical-thinking questions.
  • “From Your Perspective” features provide a student-focused look at the topics presented in each chapter followed by critical-thinking questions, encouraging students to consider their own views and find opportunities to get involved in their communities and American politics.
  • “Putting It All Together” end-of-chapter sections feature chapter summaries broken down by learning objective, a “Test Yourself” quiz with multiple-choice and critical-thinking questions, also tied to the learning objectives, a review of key terms, and a list of additional study tools that students can access through the book's MindTap.
  • Chapters open with learning objectives that serve as a road map to the key concepts and major sections of each chapter, helping students focus on the most important points and assess their comprehension as they read.
  • Each chapter starts with a “Then and Now” orientation, now with full timelines-setting up each chapter in an historical framework that helps students better see the relationship between past and current events and their connection with a basic concept in American government.
1. The More Things Change. . . The More They Stay the Same.
2. The Founding and the Constitution.
3. Federalism.
4. Civil Liberties.
5. Civil Rights, Equality, and Social Movements.
6. Congress.
7. The Presidency.
8. The Federal Bureaucracy.
9. The Judiciary.
10. Public Opinion.
11. Interest Groups.
12. The Media and American Politics.
13. Political Parties and Voting.
14. Campaigns and Elections.
15. American Domestic Policy.
16. American Foreign Policy.
Each MindTap product offers the full, mobile-ready textbook combined with superior and proven learning tools at one affordable price. Students who purchase digital access can add a print option at any time when a print option is available for their course.

This Cengage solution can be seamlessly integrated into most Learning Management Systems (Blackboard, Brightspace by D2L, Canvas, Moodle, and more) but does require a different ISBN for access codes. Please work with your Cengage Learning Consultant to ensure the proper course set up and ordering information. For additional information, please visit the LMS Integration site.

Standalone Digital Access — Ultimate Value

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  • ISBN-10: 1305084357
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  • ISBN-10: 1305701127
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  • RETAIL $99.95

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  • ISBN-10: 1305688481
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  • ISBN-10: 1285857674
  • ISBN-13: 9781285857671
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  • ISBN-10: 1285853040
  • ISBN-13: 9781285853048
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $150.00
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“I really appreciate [the authors'] efforts to link historic political events to contemporary political issues. . . . This is a solid text and I will use it for years to come. I think that the text clearly explains the complicated historic and current political issues in an accessible manner.”

“I find THE ENDURING DEMOCRACY to be thoughtfully designed and well executed. The overarching theme of the text is clear and repeatedly reinforced. The inserts, chapter introductions, and end-of-chapter summaries/exercises are structured to help students identify and understand the most important concepts. . . . As with the “More Things Change. . .” boxes, the “Then and Now” features emphasize how our political system has changed over time, as well as how much has remained consistent. These features help tie the text together with a coherent theme-the enduring American democratic system. This vision is well-executed in this text far better than most American government books.”

“I like the authors' writing style a lot. My current text [O'Connor/Sabato] is written well, but even for me, can be dry. Dautrich and Yalof display a very keen skill in presenting the material. . . . It's clearly written and has lively prose. The book provides a critical analysis of our American system and encourages critical thinking about who we are as Americans.”

“The scholarship is sound, and the writing style is of a high quality throughout. It covers all of the material that I would expect to find in an introductory course to American Government.”

Cengage provides a range of supplements that are updated in coordination with the main title selection. For more information about these supplements, contact your Learning Consultant.


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