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SUPPORTING WINDOWS 7 is written for those entering the field of PC repair or those who are currently practicing as support technicians. This Windows 7 supplement is designed to be used in conjunction with A+ GUIDE TO MANAGING AND MAINTAINING YOUR PC, 7TH EDITION or A+ GUIDE TO SOFTWARE, 5TH EDITION. This text covers the differences between Windows 7 and Vista and how to install and maintain Windows 7, including the improved Windows Back up utility, the Action Center, the system image, and tools for troubleshooting network connections. Coverage also includes Windows 7 security tools and techniques and how to troubleshoot Windows 7 start up errors and slowdowns. Each chapter ends with labs that focus on the support tools and techniques in Windows 7 that differ from Vista, and the Windows 7 content is mapped to CompTIA's 2009 A+ exam objectives. After completion of this text and the Windows content in either of the core books, the reader will be equipped to support all of the current Windows operating systems including Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Jean Andrews,

Jean Andrews has more than 30 years of experience in the computer industry, including more than 13 years in the college classroom. She has worked in a variety of businesses designing, writing, and supporting application software; managing a PC repair help desk; and troubleshooting wide area networks. She has written numerous books on software, hardware, and the Internet, including the bestselling A+ GUIDE TO MANAGING AND MAINTAINING YOUR PC, 8th Edition, and A+ GUIDE TO HARDWARE: MANAGING, MAINTAINING AND TROUBLESHOOTING, Sixth Edition. She lives in north Georgia.
  • Seamlessly integrates the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system into PC repair and A+ courses.
  • Lab activities follow each chapter that focus on support tools and techniques in Windows 7 that differ from Microsoft Vista.
  • Up-to-date coverage on Windows 7 material that is likely to be encountered on the job by PC support technicians.
  • Fully maps to Microsoft Windows 7 coverage on CompTIA's 2009 A+ Exams, further preparing your students for A+ certification.
  • Includes extensive pedagogical features such as Key Terms, Reviewing the Basics, Thinking Critically, Hands-On Projects, and Real Problems, Real Solutions.
  • Full color screenshots and step-by-step instructions guide the reader through the process of setting up and managing a Windows 7 computer system.
What's New with Window 7. Installing Windows 7. Windows 7 Action Center. Backing Up User Data and the System Image.
Windows 7 Utilities and Tools to Support the OS. Securing Windows 7 Resources. Solving Windows 7 Startup Problems.
Appendix A. Labs for Chapter 1: Installing and Maintaining Windows 7.
Lab 1.1: Determine Hardware Compatibility with Windows 7.
Lab 1.2: Install or Upgrade to Windows 7.
Lab 1.3: Navigate and Customize Windows 7.
Lab 1.4: Manage Windows 7 Libraries.
Lab 1.5: Download and Use Microsoft Security Essentials.
Lab 1.6: Install and Use Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC.
Appendix B. Labs for Chapter 2: Securing and Troubleshooting Windows 7.
Lab 2.1: Identify a Hard Drive Bottleneck by Using Performance Tools.
Lab 2.2: Demonstrate Homegroup Security.
Lab 2.3: Use Advanced File and Folder Sharing.
Lab 2.4: Create a Windows 7 Repair Disc.
Lab 2.5: Explore the Repair Disc and the Windows Recovery Environment.

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