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Hillcrest Medical Center: Beginning Medical Transcription 7th Edition

Patricia A. Ireland, Carrie Stein

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2005, 1999, 1995
  • 288 Pages


HILLCREST MEDICAL CENTER: BEGINNING MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION, 7th Ed. creates a simulation approach to medical transcription that will give your students a working knowledge of the medical reports most commonly used in both inpatient and outpatient care settings. Your students will transcribe over 100 real medical reports including 10 comprehensive inpatient case studies and 25 outpatient clinic records. HILLCREST MEDICAL CENTER BEGINNING MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION, 7th Ed. is organized by body system and includes full color anatomy & physiology illustrations and coverage of medical terminology. In addition, HILLCREST MEDICAL CENTER BEGINNING MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION, 7th Ed. provides a review of proper formatting, grammar, and style in accordance with the AHDI's Book of Style. Transcribed reports include: history and physical examinations; consults; operative, pathology, and radiology reports; SOAP notes; and death and discharge summaries.

Patricia A. Ireland, Mildred Elley Online Online

Patricia A. Ireland, CMT, AHDI-F, has been active in the field of medical transcription since 1968, both as a multispecialty practitioner and as an instructor. A certified medical transcriptionist since 1981, Ms. Ireland lives in San Antonio, Texas, where she works as a freelance medical/technical author and editor. She has been a medical transcription instructor since the 1970s, has taught online medical transcription programs since 2000, and has co-authored four medical transcription textbooks for Cengage Learning. Ms. Ireland encourages questions and comments about this text and can be reached at Ms. Ireland is an active member of the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), as well as the Capital Chapter of AHDI in Austin, Texas.

Carrie Stein,

Carrie Stein, CMT, had over 32 years of experience as an acute-care multispecialty medical transcriptionist when she passed away in late 2015. Her long career included positions with the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas, and the Methodist Healthcare System in San Antonio, Texas. She began teaching online medical transcription courses in 2003, serving as an instructor for Gatlin Education and ed2go. In addition to this title, Carrie was the co-author of THE DICTATED WORD.
  • Includes over 50 new medical reports that reflect up-to-date medical procedures to facilitate a realistic transcribing experience.
  • Features physician dictations that include a variety of accents, background locations, speeds, and difficulty levels in order to provide a challenging experience for any level of beginning student.
  • Provides content related to the Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) exam, electronic health records (EHRs), and voice recognition technology (VRT) to keep students up-to-date on the latest advances in the field.
  • Adds "Common Dictation Errors" as a learning tool to teach students exactly what a dictated error is, how each error can be classified, how to edit them and when not to.
  • Provides 20 skill-building dictations that you can assign to measure how well a student performs in a work-like setting without the benefit of patient scenarios and audio glossaries.
  • Offers you flexibility in assigning audio transcription. Start at any point in the text-workbook and use the comprehensive track listing to customize your course to meet your students' needs
  • Offers robust instructor resources, including all over 100 report transcripts in electronic format, quizzes that you can customize, online course management, and slides to facilitate instruction, that allow you to teach in any setting, whether in-class or via distance learning.
  • Provides all audio transcription exercises in mp3 format to facilitate use in virtually any medium, including transcription software and portable mp3 devices.
  • Allows a student to follow 10 patients through the continuum of care, an approach that simulates working as a professional transcriptionist.
  • Provides a review of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and the basics of medical transcription all in one resource to maximize your students' preparedness for the profession.
New to this Edition with Featured Items.
Course Description.
Student Text-Workbook.
Instructor''s Manual.
About the Authors.
Supplements at a Glance.
How to Use StudyWARE™.
Welcome to Hillcrest Medical Center.
Confidentiality Policy.
Legal Issues.
Length of Course.
Transcribing Medical Reports.
Expand Your Knowledge: Word Games and Exercises.
Listing of Appendix.
Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity.
Medical Transcriptionist Job Descriptions.
AHDI Code of Ethics.
Certification Possibilities—RMT and CMT.
Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act: MT checklist.
Understanding Medical Records.
History and Physical Examination (H&P).
Diagnostic Imaging or Radiology Report
Operative Report (OP).
Pathology Report (Path).
Consultation (Consult).
Discharge Summary.
Death Summary.
Autopsy Report.
Outpatient Model Reports.
Transcription Rules for Hillcrest Medical Center and Quali-Care Clinic.
Style Variations.
Abbreviations and Symbols.
List of Metric Measurements.
The Grammar of Microbiology.
Vital Signs.
Difficult Singular and Plural Words and Phrases.
Temperature versus Fever.
A Tongue Twister.
Dermatology Terms.
Pulmonary Terms.
Zero Safety.
The Digits.
Abduction versus Adduction.
Class and Stage.
Connective Tissues.
Subjective versus Objective.
Surgical Terms.
Obstetric Terms.
Cardiology Terms.
The ABO Blood Group.
Jr, Sr, II, and III.
Report Formatting Guidelines.
The Future of Medical Transcription.
Skill-Building Report Log.
Doctors'' and Other Professional Names Used.
Understanding Medical Terminology.
Combining Forms.
Case 1 The Reproductive System.
Case 2 The Gastrointestinal System.
Case 3 The Cardiopulmonary System.
Case 4 The Integumentary System.
Case 5 The Psychology Neurology System.
Case 6 The Nervous System.
Case 7 The Orthopedics/Endocrinology System.
Case 8 The Vascular/Renal System.
Case 9 The Musculoskeletal System.
Case 10 The Respiratory System.
Welcome to Quali-Care Clinic.
Quali-Care Clinic Outpatient Report Log.
Outpatient Reports.
Report 1a&b Consult & Echocardiogram (Cardiology).
Report 2 Operative Procedure (Genitourinary).
Report 3 Operative Report (Orthopedics).
Report 4 Surgical Pathology Report (Breast).
Report 5 Emergency Dept Treatment Record (Pediatrics).
Report 6 Interventional Radiology (Vascular).
Report 7 Spine Clinic HPIP Note (Orthopedics).
Report 8 Radiology Report (Orthopedics).
Report 9 Clinic SOAP Note (Vascular).
Report 10 Surgical Procedure (Orthopedics).
Report 11 Operative Report (Plastic Surgery).
Report 12 Colonoscopy Procedure (Gastroenterology).
Report 13 Clinic HPIP Note (Internal Medicine).
Report 14 Operative Report (Neurosurgery).
Report 15 Operative Report (Urology).
Report 16 Radiology Report (Orthopedic/Neurology).
Report 17 Clinic Followup Note (Pediatric Neurology).
Report 18 Operative Report (Obstetrics).
Report 19 Operative Report (Orthopedics).
Report 20 Clinic Followup Note (Vascular).
Report 21 Operative Report (Dentistry).
Report 22 Operative Report (Orthopedics).
Report 23 Consult (Orthopedics).
Report 24 Psychological Evaluation (Psychology).
Report 25a&b Letter & Consult (Cardiology).
Crossword Puzzles 1 through 17.
Proofreading Exercises 1 through 12.
Common Dictation Errors.
Proofreader''s Marks.
Challenging Medical Words, Phrases, Prefixes.
Sample Patient History Form.
The Lund Browder Chart.
Laboratory Test Information.
Sample Forms for Ordering Laboratory Tests, Scheduling Radiology Tests.
Physical Therapy Consults, Sleep Studies.
Building a Reference Library.
Web Sites for Transcriptionist'' Professional Association.
"A Healthcare Controlled Vocabulary" by Dr. Neil Davis.
Official "Do Not Use" List from The Joint Commission.

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  • ISBN-13: 9781133480259
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Premium Website Instant Access

ISBN: 9781285187914
The Premium Website is a password-protected Student Companion Site that provides additional course content and activities to help students succeed in the course. It includes access to the dictation audio files to assist students with checking their work.


Premium Website Instant Access

ISBN: 9781285187914
The Premium Website is a password-protected Student Companion Site that provides additional course content and activities to help students succeed in the course. It includes access to the dictation audio files to assist students with checking their work.