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Powerful Social Studies for Elementary Students 3rd Edition

Jere Brophy, Janet Alleman, Anne-Lise Halvorsen

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2007, 1996
  • 360 Pages


POWERFUL SOCIAL STUDIES FOR ELEMENTARY STUDENTS examines the nature and purpose of social studies as it outlines ways to select content and teach history, geography, and social sciences more meaningfully. These respected authors present principles and illustrative examples to help pre-service and in-service teachers plan well-organized social studies instruction that produces positive student outcomes. The Third Edition emphasizes the importance of using developmentally appropriate content and methods when helping students to develop social understanding and civic action, and includes a solid research base that is reflective of the current NCSS standards. Rather than advocating the elimination of the traditional content framework used to organize the social studies curriculum ('expanding communities framework'), the authors call for retaining the most important topics that have traditionally been emphasized and for teaching these topics in 'more coherent and powerful ways.'

Jere Brophy, Late, Michigan State University

Jere Brophy was a leading researcher and scholar in education. He was a University Distinguished Professor of Teacher Education at Michigan State University, where he taught from 1976 until his death in 2009.

Janet Alleman, Michigan State University

Janet Alleman is Professor Emeritus of Teacher Education at Michigan State University, where she focused on curriculum content and instruction methods as well as issues in teaching social studies. She has co-authored a host of books, including an award winning one with Jere Brophy entitled CHILDREN'S THINKING ABOUT CULTURAL UNIVERSALS. Other books co-authored with Jere Brophy and Barbara Knighton include INSIDE THE SOCIAL STUDIES CLASSROOM and A LEARNING COMMUNITY WITHIN A PRIMARY CLASSROOM. Currently, she serves as a consultant and teacher coach in K–12 schools.

Anne-Lise Halvorsen, Michigan State University

Anne-Lise Halvorsen is an associate professor of teacher education, specializing in social studies education, at Michigan State University. Her research and teaching interests are elementary social studies education, project-based learning, the history of education, the integration of social studies and literacy, and teacher preparation in the social studies. She is a former kindergarten teacher and a former curriculum writer for the State of Michigan.
  • Each chapter begins with a Student Voice: comments by novice and experienced teachers who communicate their views on the content of chapters and talk about how they implement the principles.
  • The newest NCSS standards have been incorporated throughout the text and a new icon designates areas where they are discussed or exemplified.
  • Technology Tips, a new box, gives tips for using technology to develop and deliver social studies units and lessons.
  • TeachSource Videos have been incorporated to demonstrate key ideas and allow students to get an accurate picture of actual teaching situations and challenges.
  • Research Base boxes in each chapter highlight one or more of the principles of effective teaching to explain how they serve to make social studies, as well as other content areas, powerful and memorable.
  • Content has been rearranged to reflect common teaching practices and improve the flow of information.
  • Coverage of the social sciences, as well as integration using the arts, history, and literacy.
  • Other emerging topics include: creating instructional units; planning and conducting field trips; expanded coverage of assessment; additional instructional methods and strategies (e.g., role plays, use of vignettes), to stimulate critical thinking and problem solving; and use of narratives and other more teacher-centered strategies along with constructivist approaches.
  • The chapters end with a 'Your Turn' section in which readers are invited to apply the chapter's key understandings to sceneries involving planning for teaching a particular topic.
  • Instructional units developed by the authors are woven throughout the chapters and two resource units focusing on popular unit topics are included in the appendices.
  • The authors address strategies for promoting family involvement and home-school connections into the teaching of social studies.
  • Coverage of use of the Internet and other technologies in social studies instruction.
  • The authors have included the latest NCSS standards as well as standards statements that have been developed for the "component disciplines" (history, geography, economics, etc.) of social studies into the new edition.
1. Elementary Social Studies: What is it? What might it become?
2. How can I build a Learning Community in my Classroom: Strategies for including all Children.
3. How do I select powerful Goals and powerful Content?
4. What Social Studies planning tools are available?
5. How can I teach History powerfully?
6. How can I teach Geography and Anthropology content powerfully?
7. How can I teach the other Social Science content powerfully?
8. How can I structure Classroom Discourse to help students develop Social Studies understandings?
9. How can I assess Student Learning?
10. What are some other Strategies for teaching Social Studies?
11. How can I design, implement, and evaluate Instructional Activities?
12. What is the role of Curricular Integration?
13. How can the Curriculum be expanded and made more powerful through Homework?
14: What is the Research Base that informs ideas about powerful Social Studies teaching?

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  • ISBN-10: 1285246276
  • ISBN-13: 9781285246277
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  • ISBN-10: 1111838062
  • ISBN-13: 9781111838065
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $131.00
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"Powerful Social Studies for Elementary Students is an excellent text. It covers all of the main aspects needed for teacher candidates to plan for and teach the social studies content needed in our elementary schools. It offers many powerful activities at the end of each chapter to help teacher candidates apply their new knowledge."

"The text has excellent information. It is practical in nature..."

"...I know my students learn a great deal from the book. Most students continue to keep [it] not only for the rich social studies ideas, but also for all the clear and concise wisdom related to powerful teaching practices."

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Online Instructor's Manual with Test Bank

ISBN: 9781337115544
Streamline and maximize the effectiveness of your course preparation using such resources as teaching suggestions, solutions, blooper explanations, midterm review, final exam review, chapter test banks, unit tests, chapter quizzes, and many other classroom support materials. This time-saving resource also includes a Test Bank that offers 50 questions per chapter including true/false, multiple choice, short answer, and essay type questions.

Online PowerPoint® Slides

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Helping you make your lectures more engaging while effectively reaching your visually oriented students, these handy Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides outline the chapters of the main text in a classroom-ready presentation. The PowerPoint® slides are updated to reflect the content and organization of the new edition of the text.

Cengage Learning Testing, powered by Cognero® Instant Access

ISBN: 9781337276498
Cengage Learning Testing, powered by Cognero® is a flexible, online system that allows you to import, edit, and manipulate content from the text's test bank or elsewhere, including your own favorite test questions; create multiple test versions in an instant; and deliver tests from your LMS, your classroom, or wherever you want.