Package: Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver Training + Trucking: Tractor-Trailer Driver Computer Based Training 2nd Edition

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Use Delmar's comprehensive driver training products together to help ensure that the most qualified drivers are on the road. The Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver Training Manual, 4th Edition, and Trucking: Tractor-Trailer Driver Computer Based Training (CBT) bundle is the ideal driver training program at an affordable price. The manual features four-color photographs and illustrations as well as technical content that stresses the importance of developing the skills, traits, and behaviors that characterize professionals. The CBT's animations and interactivity promote a high level of retention. Delmar is the only official education partner of the Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI).

Meet the Author

Cengage Delmar Learning,

Features & Benefits

  • Combination of print and computer-based products addresses different learning styles.
  • Includes up-to-date compliance and regulation standards.
  • Facilitates distance learning.
  • Prepares drives for increasing technology on the job.
  • CBT can serve as remedial or advanced learning for concepts in the book.

Table of Contents

Package: Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver Training + Trucking: Tractor-Trailer Driver Computer Based Training , CD-ROM


1. An Introduction to Trucking.
2. The Commercial Driver's License.
3. Control Systems.
4. Vehicle Systems.
5. Transportation Technology.
6. Vehicle Inspections.
7. Basic Control.
8. Shifting.
9. Backing and Docking.
10. Coupling and Uncoupling.
11. Sliding Fifth Wheels and Tandem Axles.
12. Preventive Maintenance and Servicing.
13. Recognizing and Reporting Malfunctions.
14. Communication.
15. Visual Search.
16. Space Management.
17. Speed Management.
18. Night Driving.
19. Extreme Driving Conditions.
20. Skid Control.
21. Hazard Awareness.
22. Railroad Crossings.
23. Emergency Maneuvers.
24. Accident Procedures.
25. Handling Cargo.
26. Cargo Documentation.
27. Special Rigs.
28. Hours of Service.
29. Trip Planning.
30. Transportation Security.
31. Driving International Routes.
32. Hazardous Materials.
33. Public Relations and Job Search.
34. Driver Health, Safety and Security.
35. Whistleblower Protections for Professional Drivers.
36. CSA 2010.
Appendix A: Troubleshooting Guide.
Appendix B: Website/Reference list.
Appendix C: Trucking Association Listing.
Appendix D: Glossary.
Appendix E: Index.
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