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Ever dynamic, organized crime continues to change. Efforts to combat one aspect of the phenomenon, the American Mafia, have reached high levels of prosecutorial success--resulting in a decline in the organization's relative importance. Meanwhile, criminal organizations operating on a global scale have become more sophisticated and more threatening, and additional crime groups have been added to the pantheon we refer to as organized crime. Reflecting changes that have occurred in recent years, this edition updates information and analyses of organized crime as well as efforts to deal with it.

Howard Abadinsky, St. Johns University

Howard Abadinsky is professor of criminal justice at St. John's University. A graduate of Queens College of the City University of New York, he has an MSW from Fordham University and a PhD in sociology from New York University. Prior to entering academia, he was a New York State Parole Officer and Senior Parole Officer and a Cook County, Illinois, Deputy Sheriff/Inspector. He was a consultant to the President's Commission on Organized Crime and founder of the International Association for the Study of Organized Crime. Dr. Abadinsky is the author of several books, including THE CRIMINAL ELITE: ORGANIZED AND PROFESSIONAL CRIME; PROBATION AND PAROLE: THEORY AND PRACTICE; and LAW, COURTS, AND JUSTICE IN AMERICA.
  • Each chapter now opens with a high-interest vignette that draws students into the material and illustrates the relevance of the upcoming chapter content.
  • Chapter learning objectives guide students in focusing on the most important concepts as they read. Objectives are linked to comprehensive bullet-point summaries at the ends of chapters to reinforce students' retention of key concepts.
  • Updated and expanded coverage of outlaw motorcycle clubs appears in Chapter 10, with a particular emphasis on the five most important clubs. Two clubs--the Pagans, who have ties to the American Mafia, and the Mongols, a rapidly expanding and especially violent organization--are discussed for the first time in this edition.
  • This edition presents thoroughly updated information on ethnic crime groups and all-new material on human trafficking, extortion, cybercrime, counterfeiting, and arms dealing (Chapter 11); and coverage of updated statutes (the Sherman Anti-Trust and Landrum-Griffin Acts, etc.) in Chapter 14.
  • ORGANIZED CRIME provides a uniquely gripping and realistic analysis of its subject, informed by the author's first-hand information from his personal experience as a parole officer and supervisor in New York City, his work for the Sheriff's Office in Cook County, Illinois, and hours of interviews with organized crime figures.
  • Consistently praised for its clear analysis of the definitions and attributes of organized crime, the text is also known for its careful use of theory, substantial research, and avoidance of sensationalism.
  • Streamlined historical and theoretical coverage makes the text especially engaging and student-friendly, while remaining comprehensive and providing context for an understanding of modern organized crime.
1. Introduction to Organized Crime.
2. Development of Organized Crime in the United States.
3. The American Mafia.
4. Explaining Organized Crime.
5. Italian Organized Crime and the Albanian Connection.
6. Latin American Organized Crime.
7. Black Organized Crime.
8. Asian Organized Crime.
9. Russian Organized Crime.
10. Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs.
11. Organized Crime: "Goods and Services": Gambling, Loansharking, Theft, Fencing, Sex, Trafficking in Persons, Arms, and Counterfeit Products.
12. Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking.
13. Organized Crime in Labor, Business, and Money Laundering.
14. Organized Crime: Statutes.
15. Organized Crime: Law Enforcement.

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