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NATEF Standards Job Sheets Area A6 3rd Edition

Jack Erjavec

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2006
  • 240 Pages


All eight of the NATEF Job Sheets manuals have been thoughtfully designed to assist users gain valuable job preparedness skills and master specific diagnostic and repair procedures required for success as a professional automotive technician. Ideal for use either as a stand-alone item or with any comprehensive or topic-specific automotive text, the entire series is aligned with the 2008 NATEF tasks and consists of individual books for each of the following areas: Engine Repair, Automatic Transmissions/Transaxles, Manual Drive Trains and Axles, Suspension and Steering, Brakes, Electricity/Electronics, Heating and Air Conditioning, and Engine Performance. Central to each manual are well-designed and easy-to-read job sheets, each of which contains specific performance-based objectives, lists of required tools and materials, safety precautions, plus step-by-step procedures to lead users to completion of shop activities. Also, each job sheet references all applicable NATEF Standards. As they work through each task, users are encouraged to conduct tests, record measurements, make observations, and employ critical-thinking skills in order to draw conclusions. Space is included for users to make notes concerning problems encountered while working, and for instructors to add comments and/or grades.

Jack Erjavec, Columbus State Community College (Emeritus)

Jack Erjavec has become a fixture in the automotive textbook publishing world. He has decades of experience as a technician, educator, author, and editor, and has authored or co-authored more than 30 automotive textbooks and training manuals. Erjavec holds a master's degree in vocational and technical education from Ohio State University, and he spent twenty years at Columbus State Community College as an instructor and administrator. A long-time affiliate of the North American Council of Automotive Teachers, he also served as executive vice-president for the organization and spent several years on its board of directors. Erjavec is also associated with ATMC, SAE, ASA, ATRA, AERA, and other automotive professional associations.
  • manuals are not keyed to a specific text, making it easy to use one or more of them in any automotive education or training program in which NATEF coverage is desired
  • Job Sheets are correlated to all relevant NATEF tasks to help track students’ results with each shop activity
  • completed Job Sheets may be kept as records, providing tangible evidence that instructors are addressing all NATEF tasks while paving the way for program certification
  • all Job Sheets are perforated and begin on right-hand pages, enabling users to hand them in as homework or add them to portfolios
Basic Electrical and Electronic System Theory.
Hazardous Materials and Wastes.
Electrical and Electronic Systems Tools and Equipment.
Job Sheet 1. Filling Out a Work Order.
Job Sheet 2. Identifying Problems and Concerns.
Job Sheet 3. Gathering Vehicle Information.
Job Sheet 4. Using Ohm’s Law During Diagnosis.
Job Sheet 5. Part Identification on a Wiring Diagram.
Job Sheet 6. Using a Digital Multimeter.
Job Sheet 7. Check Continuity in a Circuit with a Test Light.
Job Sheet 8. Observing and Analyzing Waveforms.
Job Sheet 9. Test for Circuit Defects.
Job Sheet 10. Using an Ammeter to Check Parasitic Battery Drain.
Job Sheet 11. Inspect and Check Fuses, Fusible Links, and Circuit Breakers.
Job Sheet 12. Testing Switches, Solenoids, Connectors, Relays and Wires.
Job Sheet 13. Connector and Wire Repairs.
Job Sheet 14. Soldering Two Copper Wires Together.
Job Sheet 15. Disconnecting the High-Voltage Circuit on a Hybrid Vehicle.
Job Sheet 16. Inspection of a Battery for Condition, State of Charge, and Capacity.
Job Sheet 17. Maintaining Electronic Memory.
Job Sheet 18. Remove, Clean, and Replace a Battery.

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  • ISBN-10: 1435483219
  • ISBN-13: 9781435483217
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $46.00
  • RETAIL $60.95