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GLOBAL STRATEGY is the first textbook of its kind specifically written for the Capstone Management course for International Business programs and Strategic Management courses with a global emphasis. Whereas the few other available international strategy texts focus on how to manage larger multinational enterprises, Mike Peng's GLOBAL STRATEGY, Third Edition, offers several new perspectives. These include a broadened definition of "global strategy," comprehensive and innovative coverage, in-depth and consistent explanations of cutting-edge research, and an interesting and accessible way to engage students. The text uses the "strategy tripod"--analyzing strategy from the industry-, institution-, and resource-based views--to answer the question: What determines the success or failure of firms around the globe? Available with InfoTrac® Student Collections

Mike W. Peng, University of Texas at Dallas

Mike Peng is the Jindal Chair of Global Business Strategy at the Jindal School of Business, University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). At UTD, he founded the Center for Global Business, where he serves as the executive director. Professor Peng was also recently named a fellow with the Academy of International Business. He holds a bachelor's degree from Winona State University, Minnesota, and a Ph.D. from the University of Washington, Seattle. Prior to joining UTD, Professor Peng was on the faculty at the Ohio State University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and University of Hawaii, where he taught students at all levels and often served as a faculty trainer and consultant. In addition, he has held visiting or courtesy professorial appointments in Australia, Britain, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and the United States. This award-winning professor is widely regarded as one of the most prolific and influential scholars in global business and has garnered many research grants for his work. The United Nations and the World Bank have cited his work in major publications. Truly global in scope, his research focuses on firms' strategies in regions such as Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and North America. He has published about 50 articles in leading academic journals and authored three books. Active in other leadership positions in his field, Professor Peng has served on the editorial boards of the ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT REVIEW, JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STUDIES, JOURNAL OF WORLD BUSINESS, and STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT JOURNAL. He is the editor-in-chief of the ASIA PACIFIC JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT.
  • Increased Focus on Emerging Markets: GLOBAL STRATEGY, Third Edition, has a newly intensified focus on emerging markets, both the countries that are considered to be emerging markets for multinational firms and the often newer, younger firms that are arising and expanding from those emerging economies. Examples feature such companies as GE, De Beers diamonds, Citroen automobiles, Foxconn communications, and the Dubai airport.
  • New Integrative Cases: Of the 15 Integrative Cases at the back of the book, 14 are new to this edition. This edition's set of cases focus on global businesses headquartered all over the world and highlight emerging markets in particular. The cases include such familiar names as Texas Instruments, Bank of America, and Disney, and perhaps less familiar emerging multinationals such as TeliaSonera, Wikimart, Jobek do Brasil, Ryanair, Baosteel, and more.
  • InfoTrac® Student Collections are specialized databases expertly drawn from the Gale Academic One library. Each InfoTrac® Student Collection enhances the student learning experience in the specific course area related to the product. These specialized databases allow access to hundreds of scholarly and popular publications - all reliable sources - including journals, encyclopedias, and academic reports. Learn more and access at:
  • New Chapter Cases: At least half of the opening and closing cases in every chapter are new. This expansive, real-world coverage features such organizations as Apple, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, Pearl River Pianos, and HTC, and addresses such topics as patent disputes and retailing in India.
  • Current Examples: As always, the "Strategy in Action" boxes provide additional glimpses into strategies used by real multinational firms. New topics covered in these boxed features include the cruise industry, the oil industry, private military companies, and website moderators.
  • New EOC Feature, Topics for Expanded Projects: Because instructors are always looking for fresh and exciting ways to assess their students' learning, we have added a new feature to the end-of-chapter materials: Topics for Expanded Projects. At the end of every chapter, instructors will find three or four interesting ideas for activities, experiential exercises, and research and writing assignments that can be assigned to individuals or small groups.
  • Cases: The Integrative Cases at the end of the book vary in length but always allow students to dig into the background details of a variety of companies and industries so that students can understand the strategies used.
  • Business as an Evolving Entity: Mike Peng wants students to recognize that business is not a static institution but a dynamic, evolving entity. He includes two or three key debates at the end of each chapter, revealing that these concepts are not set in stone and motivating students to ask thoughtful questions.
  • Savvy Strategist Applications: The "Savvy Strategist" sections at the end of each chapter explain how concepts can and will be applied in business situations.
  • Ethical Coverage: Throughout every chapter, ethical challenges are presented in the sidebars and cases, and ethics-based questions appear in the discussion questions, encouraging students to consider the ethical issues involved in business today.
  • Strategy Tripod: The text uses the "strategy tripod"--analyzing strategy from the industry-, institution-, and resource-based views--to answer the question: What determines the success or failure of firms around the globe?
  • Interesting and Accessible: The author's writing style is engaging, somewhat casual, with a multitude of interesting examples and thought-provoking questions.
  • Real-World Examples: The "Strategy in Action" sidebars, as well as the opening and closing cases, provide up-to-the-minute, real-world examples of the material presented in the book.
1. Strategizing Around the Globe.
2. Managing Industry Competition.
3. Leveraging Resources and Capabilities.
4. Emphasizing Institutions, Cultures, and Ethics.
5. Growing and Internationalizing the Entrepreneurial Firm.
6. Entering Foreign Markets.
7. Making Strategic Alliances and Networks Work.
8. Managing Global Competitive Dynamics.
9. Diversifying, Acquiring, and Restructuring.
10. Strategizing, Structuring, and Learning Around the World.
11. Governing the Corporation Around the World.
12. Strategizing With Corporate Social Responsibility.
Integrative Cases.

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"Students like this text. It's easy to read, and it cuts right to the chase."

"Students like GLOBAL STRATEGY. It's a good integration of strategy and international business."

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