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Invitation to Public Speaking - National Geographic Edition 5th Edition

Cindy L. Griffin

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2012, 2009, 2006
  • 400 Pages
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Intended for the introductory public speaking course, INVITATION TO PUBLIC SPEAKING engages students in the public dialogue, encourages civic engagement, and illustrates how they will apply speaking skills in their course work and throughout their careers. Grounded in rhetorical tradition while offering a fresh perspective, INVITATION TO PUBLIC SPEAKING helps students understand the power and importance of public speaking-in their lives and in greater society. This “National Geographic Learning” edition includes stories and tips from National Geographic explorers speak to large and small audiences of all ages about their projects, whether saving endangered species, documenting human tragedies such as the Indonesian tsunami, or introducing school-age students to science and engineering. This edition also includes sample student speeches, speech-building exercises, and examples of civic engagement and ethical actions-all intended to prepare students to enter the public dialogue. INVITATION TO PUBLIC SPEAKING also features the most comprehensive integrated technology program available, giving students more interactive skill-building practice for public speaking.

Cindy L. Griffin, Colorado State University

Cindy L. Griffin is a professor emerita of communication studies at Colorado State University. A proponent of civic engagement and civility in people's communication and their lives, she has taught public speaking; civility; gender and communication; communication, language, and thought; contemporary theories of rhetoric; history of rhetorical theories; feminist theories of discourse; identity, voice, and agency; and graduate seminars in women's studies. Her research interests include developing the theory of invitational rhetoric, advancing theories that help communication scholars and students understand our complex identities, and exploring the relationships between civility, power, and rhetoric. Dr. Griffin is the author of INVITATION TO PUBLIC SPEAKING (Cengage, 2012) and INVITATION TO PUBLIC SPEAKING HANDBOOK (Cengage, 2011); coauthor of INVITATION TO HUMAN COMMUNICATION (with Jennifer Bone, 2013), FEMINIST RHETORICAL THEORIES (with Sonja K. Foss and Karen A. Foss, Waveland, 2006), and READINGS IN FEMINIST RHETORICAL THEORY (with Karen A. Foss and Sonja K. Foss, Waveland, 2004); and coeditor of STANDING IN THE INTERSECTIONS: FEMINIST VOICES, FEMINIST PRACTICES IN COMMUNICATION STUDIES (with Karma R. Chávez, SUNY Press, 2012). A former editor of WOMEN'S STUDIES IN COMMUNICATION (2006-2010), Dr. Griffin also has published articles and book chapters addressing identities, civilities, feminisms, and rhetorical and communication theories. She received her PhD from Indiana University.
  • NEW National Geographic Learning edition provides stories of “young explorers” who work with National Geographic on a variety of projects-from exploring the oceans to documenting human tragedies such as the Indonesian tsunami. These young explorers share speaking tips and advice on how they communicate with large and small audiences of all ages.
  • NEW streamlined organization of 16 chapters, with “reasoning and persuasion” combined in Chapter 15.
  • A Quick-Start Guide at the beginning of the text helps you get started on your first class presentation.
  • Sample student speech outlines and full speeches (with author commentary) provide real-life models for students to follow.
  • Practicing the Public Dialogue boxes provide specific exercises and activities for individual or group work.
  • Civic Engagement in Action boxes provide real-life stories of how individuals have made a difference in their communities through public activity, including speaking out. CourseMate references show students how they can learn more about each person and activity.
  • Ethical Moment boxes provide examples of individuals who have spoken or acted ethically (for example, Martin Luther King, Jr.) or unethically (for example, someone cyberbullying a fellow student). “What Do You Think?” questions help students think critically about each example.
  • A Quick-Start Guide at the beginning of the text helps students get started on their first class presentation.
  • Author Cindy Griffin emphasizes civil, audience-centered discourse in an inviting, down-to-earth manner.
  • NEW MindTap Speech from Cengage Learning represents a new approach to a customizable, online, user-focused learning platform. MindTap combines all of a user’s learning tools-readings, multimedia, activities and assessments-into a singular Learning Path that guides the student and instructor through the curriculum.
1. Why Speak in Public?
The Power of Ethical Public Speaking. Culture and Speaking Style. What Is Ethical Public Speaking? A Model of the Public Speaking Process. Building Your Confidence as a Public Speaker.
2. Effective Listening.
Why Listen to Others? Why We Sometimes Fail to Listen. How to Listen Carefully. How to Listen Critically. How to Listen Ethically. Speakers as Listeners: Adapting to Your Audience.
3. Developing Your Speech Topic and Purpose.
How Context Influences Your Speaking Goals. Choosing Your Speech Topic. Articulating Your Purpose. Stating Your Thesis.
4. Your Audience and Speaking Environment.
Considering an Audience as a Group of Diverse People. Considering an Audience as a Community. Considering Your Speaking Environment. Adapting to Audience Expectations.
5. Gathering Supporting Materials.
Determine What Types of Information You Need. Use Your Personal Knowledge and Experience. Search for Materials on the Internet. Research Materials at the Library. Conduct Research Interviews. Research Tips. Citing Sources.
6. Developing and Supporting Your Ideas.
Examples. Narratives. Statistics. Testimony. Definitions.
7. Organizing and Outlining Your Speech.
Organize for Clarity. Main Points. Connectives. The Preparation Outline. The Speaking Outline. Note Cards.
8. Introductions and Conclusions.
The Introduction. Preparing a Compelling Introduction. The Conclusion. Preparing a Compelling Conclusion.
9. Language.
Language Is Ambiguous. Language and Culture. Language and Gender. Language and Accuracy. Language and Public Speaking. Language, Imagery, and Rhythm.
10. Delivering Your Speech.
Methods of Delivery. Verbal Components of Delivery. Nonverbal Components of Delivery. Rehearsing Your Speech.
11. Visual Aids .
Why Visual Aids Are Important. Types of Visual Aids. What to Show on a Visual Aid. Formats for Visual Aids. Guidelines for Effective and Ethical Use of Visual Aids.
12. Informative Speaking.
Types of Informative Speeches. Organizational Patterns for Informative Speeches. Tips for Giving Effective Informative Speeches. Ethical Informative Speaking.
13. Invitational Speaking.
The Invitational Speaking Environment. Types of Invitational Speeches. Organizational Patterns for Invitational Speeches. Tips for Giving Invitational Speeches. Ethical Invitational Speaking.
14. Persuasive Speaking.
Types of Persuasive Speeches. Organization of Speeches on Questions of Fact. Organization of Speeches on Questions of Value. Organization of Speeches on Questions of Policy. Connecting with Your Audience. Tips for Giving Effective Persuasive Speeches. Ethical Persuasive Speaking.
15. Persuasion and Reasoning.
Patterns of Reasoning. A Map of Reasoning. Tips for Reasoning Ethically. Evidence and Persuasion. Credibility and Persuasion. Emotion and Persuasion. Myths and Persuasion. Fallacies.
16. Speaking on Special Occasions.
Speeches of Introduction. Speeches of Commemoration. Speeches of Acceptance. Speeches to Entertain.
Appendix: Speaking in Small Groups.
Bonus Custom Chapters.
Each MindTap product offers the full, mobile-ready textbook combined with superior and proven learning tools at one affordable price. Students who purchase digital access can add a print option at any time when a print option is available for their course.

This Cengage solution can be seamlessly integrated into most Learning Management Systems (Blackboard, Brightspace by D2L, Canvas, Moodle, and more) but does require a different ISBN for access codes. Please work with your Cengage Learning Consultant to ensure the proper course set up and ordering information. For additional information, please visit the LMS Integration site.

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“This book is very practical. It really does take students on a step-by-step process that yields good speeches. I probably follow the textbook more closely than any of my colleagues and-not coincidentally-my students typically take the honors in the department's annual speaking contest.”

“This book, with its invitational approach, does remind students of the larger context of giving a speech (not just completing an assignment), which fits nicely with my goal of promoting civic engagement.”

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