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Integrated, interactive, and authentic, INTERACCIONES, Sixth Edition, is an all-inclusive intermediate-level text that emphasizes a communicative approach to the teaching of Spanish language and culture. While focusing on the four skills of language learning, INTERACCIONES, Sixth Edition, also teaches students to function within Hispanic culture by providing many opportunities to practice using the language in real contexts. This edition utilizes considerable input and advice from reviewers, instructors, and students and features additional speaking activities, integration of popular music in the text and workbook, a newly organized workbook/video manual/lab manual, and a new video program.

Emily Spinelli, University of Michigan - Dearborn

Emily Spinelli received her Ph.D. in Spanish from Ohio State University, where she studied Spanish language and Hispanic literature and culture, as well as foreign language education and second language acquisition theory. Currently, she is executive director of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) and professor emerita of Spanish at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, where she taught courses in all levels of Spanish language, literature, language of business, and culture and civilization. Professor Spinelli also coordinated the foreign language teaching-certification program and taught courses in foreign language methodology. In addition to several textbooks, Professor Spinelli has also published many articles and reviews in scholarly journals. She is a frequent speaker and presenter at state, national, and international conferences, and she has consulted with school districts and universities throughout the country on issues related to foreign language education and methodology. Through the years, Professor Spinelli has been very active in professional organizations. She has served on the Executive Council of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and is a past president of that organization. She also has served as editor of Foreign Language Annals, the official journal of ACTFL, and as the president of the AATSP.

Carmen García, Arizona State University

Carmen García, a native of Lima, Perú, received her Ph.D. from Georgetown University in linguistics. She is professor of Spanish Pragmatics and Applied Linguistics, director of the Undergraduate Spanish Language Program, and director of the Spanish Linguistics Program at Arizona State University. Professor García is author or co-author of several college-level Spanish textbooks. She also has published numerous articles in national and international journals on Spanish pragmatics and intracultural and cross-cultural communication. In addition, she is co-editor of Research on Politeness in the Spanish Speaking World and a special issue in Oralia on Small Talk in Spanish. She is a frequent speaker and presenter at national and international meetings and conferences, and a member of many national and international linguistics organizations. Professor García also serves as associate editor of Studies in Hispanics and Lusophone Linguistics.

Carol E. Galvin Flood, Bloomfield Hills Schools

Carol E. Galvin Flood has an M.A. in foreign language education from the University of Michigan as well as an M.A. in Spanish language and literature from Wayne State University (Detroit). She retired from the Bloomfield Hills school district, where she taught Spanish and helped develop and implement a program to prepare high-school students for the Advanced Placement Spanish Language Exam. Throughout her career she has taught Spanish at many levels, ranging from early elementary bilingual-bicultural classes to university advanced composition and conversation. She also has been active in professional organizations such as the AATSP and ACTFL throughout her teaching career. Flood currently is serving as Coordinator for Classroom Resources for the AATSP website.
  • The iLrn Heinle Learning Center allows you to assign, assess, and track progress with a click of the mouse! With the iLrn Heinle Learning Center, everything students need to master the skills and concepts of the course is built right in to this dynamic learning environment. The iLrn Heinle Learning Center includes an audio and video-enhanced eBook, assignable textbook activities, companion videos with pre and post-viewing activities, partnered voice-recorded activities, an online workbook and lab manual with audio, interactive enrichment activities, and a diagnostic study tool to better prepare students for exams.
  • Information Gap Activities have been created for every chapter. These activities, entitled "¿Qué me dices?", generally are located in the "Presentación" section and help students acquire new vocabulary by using it in an interactive, task-based information gap activity.
  • Each unit opener highlights a popular song and its performer with musical selections representative of the countries or regions of the Hispanic world. "Notas musicales," brief cultural activities, accompany each selection. The playlist is available at the text's companion website, and songs are available for purchase at the iTunes Store.
  • A new video program was created for this edition from ABC News footage filmed on location in the countries presented in each chapter. The video activities are located in the "Imágenes culturales" section of the textbook and the "Cuaderno de actividades."
  • Additional teaching annotations and answers to the exercises have been placed in the margins of the Annotated Instructor's Edition to simplify lesson planning and preparation. Models for student output have been inserted into many of the exercises to give students prompts to start the activities.
  • All cultural information has been expanded and updated. The subjects of the "Lectura cultural" reflect more modern trends, and mini-biographies on historical and contemporary figures represent more current areas such as literature, sports, politics, and entertainment.
  • The Power Lecture: Instructor's Resource CD-ROM and the Annotated Instructor's Edition help simplify lesson planning and preparation. The CD-ROM contains detailed suggestions for using the student textbook, sample syllabi, and a complete testing program with two versions of each examination, as well as the answer key and audio transcript.
  • The careful integration of input and advice from reviewers, instructors, and students has helped to make this edition of INTERACCIONES an even more effective tool in the development of language skills and the appreciation of Hispanic culture.
  • While focusing on the four skills of language learning, the text teaches students to function within Hispanic culture by providing many opportunities to practice using the language in real contexts.
  • Strategies for reading and listening employ exercises to be completed before, during, and after completion of the passage, encouraging step-by-step learning and critical thinking.
  • Students learn a new strategy for developing a composition related to the chapter topic, grammar, and functions and then utilize that strategy through pre-writing "Antes de escribir," exercises. The students then use the pre-writing exercises to create the "A escribir" compositions, and end with post-writing ("Después de escribir") exercises designed to help students correct and revise. Writing activities are correlated to Atajo 4.0 Writing Assistant for Spanish.
Capítulo preliminar Un autorretrato
1. La vida de todos los dias.
2. De vacaciones.
Herencia cultural: España.
3. En familia.
4. En el restaurante.
Herencia cultural: México.
5. En la universidad.
6. En casa.
Herencia cultural: Centroamérica, Colombia y Venezuela.
7. De compras.
8. En la ciudad.
Herencia cultural: Los países andinos: Bolivia, Ecuador y Perú.
9. En la agencia de empleos.
10.En la empresa multinacional.
Herencia cultural: La comunidad hispana en los EE.UU.
11.De viaje.
12. Los deportes.
Herencia cultural: El Cono Sur: Argentina, Chile, Paraguay y Uruguay.
Appendix A: Alternative Version of Drawings for ¿Qué me dices? Activities.
Appendix B: Vocabulary at a Glance.
Appendix C: Metric Units of Measurement.
Appendix D: The Writing and Spelling System.
Appendix E: Verb Conjugations.
Spanish–English Vocabulary.
Text Credits.
Photo Credits.
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"…the Panoramas, Culturales, Perspectivas and Interacciones sections have worked well providing both good opportunities to read and listen and speak, as well as presenting interesting topics to discuss."

"The revision has been well carried out. The strengths are that the text provides a wealth of interactive material, that it puts the material in a cultural context and that it appeals to a variety of learning styles."

"Most of the teachers are already playing songs for their students from their own personal collection, so I think it is great that some book finally decided to include them with useful activities. I think the band is very representative from Mexico and the chosen song is a good selection since it is both slow-paced and popular in the country. Here we are providing students with realia, which besides they will very possibly hear again outside the classroom. It is a good listening activity which will definitely help them with their comprehension skills. I would use it as indicated in the book: listening to it a couple of times, letting students try to ask the questions in activity B."

"I think the Notas musicales is a wonderful feature. I do this in class as often as possible. By having this in the textbook it would encourage them either to think of other singers (instructors as well as students)."

"We liked the fact that it is a very complete textbook with an adequate number of chapters to teach in our two-semester sequence of intermediate Spanish."

"We are currently using INTERACCIONES, mainly because of its good review of basic Spanish, good supplementary exercises, clear grammar explanations, and online web page. Our students are thriving with this program."

"Although we have looked at an array of texts, we still prefer the content that we find in INTERACCIONES. The multimedia components are a key factor in our consideration of this text…we are drawn to the book because the basic content is solid and features good exercises that reinforce the material."

"Rarely have I found a book that is as clear in its explanation of relative pronouns, if clauses, and other more complex grammar points. It is one reason that this book stands out from the others."

"We like having a variety of native speakers to listen to so that the students get used to different accents and expressions in Spanish. The materials seem very authentic."

"We originally chose INTERACCIONES because it was a more traditional text…we wanted a text that focused strongly on grammar review and vocabulary development and one that could be used in class as easily by both experienced instructors and novice part-time or graduate student instructors."

"The interactive and communicative thrust behind INTERACCIONES fuses with a well-organized grammar structure that is guided by a wide range of cultural issues addressed through a diversity of media. Many of the new changes will enhance the linguistic proficiency of intermediate students in unison with an efficient exposition of diverse cultural information presented in a diversity of media."

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ISBN: 9781305081970
The SAM consists of workbook and lab manual activities with a skill-based approach to vocabulary and grammar practice (single-response, semi-controlled, and open-ended). New activities written expressly to complement the short films (cortometrajes) are also included. The workbook portion includes an outstanding backing in traditional grammar and vocabulary, along with a writing component centered on useful tasks and expressions. The lab manual portion has a strong emphasis on pronunciation, accents, and intonation. For the online environment, up to 80% single-response activities allow for independent practice of vocabulary and structures.



ISBN: 9781305081970