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Essentials of Testing and Assessment: A Practical Guide for Counselors, Social Workers, and Psychologists 2nd Edition

Edward S. Neukrug, R. Charles Fawcett

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2006
  • 336 Pages


Comprehensive and easy to read, Neukrug and Fawcett's ESSENTIALS OF TESTING AND ASSESSMENT: A PRACTICAL GUIDE, 2e introduces learners to the concepts and applications of assessment and testing. Case vignettes, samples of real tests, and additional activities and exercises increase understanding and reduce student anxiety.

Edward S. Neukrug, Old Dominion University

Edward S. Neukrug is the former Chair of the Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling and currently Professor of Counseling and Human Services at Old Dominion University, Dr. Edward S. Neukrug has taught counselor education and human services for over thirty years. In addition, he has worked as a substance abuse counselor, a counselor at a crisis center, an outpatient therapist at a mental health center, an associate school psychologist, a school counselor, and as a private practice psychologist and licensed professional counselor. Dr. Neukrug has written dozens of articles and chapters in books, has authored eight books, and was the editor of THE SAGE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THEORY IN COUNSELING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY. Books he has written include: EXPERIENCING THE WORLD OF THE COUNSELOR: A WORKBOOK FOR COUNSELOR EDUCATORS AND STUDENTS (4th Edition); COUNSELING THEORY AND PRACTICE; SKILLS AND TECHNIQUES FOR HUMAN SERVICE PROFESSIONALS; and ESSENTIALS OF TESTING AND ASSESSMENT FOR COUNSELORS, SOCIAL WORKERS, AND PSYCHOLOGISTS (3rd Edition). He has also developed DVDs that demonstrate counseling skills and techniques, an interactive website where users can "meet" major theorists of counseling and psychotherapy and learn more about them and their theories (, and an interactive survey where one can identify his or her view of human nature (

R. Charles Fawcett, University of Virginia

Charles Fawcett is a doctoral student at the University of Virginia. He is formerly a Faculty Lecturer at Old Dominion University where he also received his M.S. Ed. in Counseling. His therapy experience includes working with individuals, couples, and families at an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as well as leading substance abuse groups. Charles previously served 10 years as a Naval Flight Officer and Bombardier/Navigator in the A-6 Intruder.
  • Updated information in this edition includes discussion of neuropsychological assessment in Chapter 7 (Intellectual and Cognitive Functioning: Intelligence and Neuropsychological Assessment); a section on Forensic Evaluation in appears in the section of Chapter 2 that discusses professional issues; and updated coverage of the ACA and APA Ethics Codes wherever applicable.
  • Neukrug and Fawcett have added a new section on Item Response Theory (IRT), revised case examples and applications, and more coverage on computer usage.
  • This edition offers new coverage of National Assessment of Educational Progress (Chapter 6) and Performance Assessment (Chapter 10) along with updated coverage of 16 PF, NEO PI-R and NEO-FFI, the PAI, and the SASSI.
  • The text's examination of Standard Error of the Estimate, False Positives and False Negatives, and Non-Verbal Intelligence Testing has also been updated.
  • Engage students with thought-provoking cases, vignettes, and real-life exercises, providing opportunities for hands-on practice.
  • Guide students step-by-step through the increasingly complex process of gathering information about clients and suggest specific ways of writing effective test reports.
  • Text illustrations, figures, and examples of test reports and interview outlines help students apply the concepts presented in the chapters.
  • Down-to-earth, easy-to-understand writing clearly explains the use of test statistics and how to apply them to the assessment process.
  • Neukrug and Fawcett devote individual chapters to commonly used assessment techniques in educational ability, intelligence testing, career and occupational assessment and clinical assessment with each chapter highlighting the role of the helper in assessment procedures and stressing the importance of sensitivity when assessing any person.
1: History of Testing and Assessment.
2: Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues in Assessment.
3: Test Worthiness: Validity, Reliability, Practicality and Cross-Cultural Fairness.
4: Statistical Concepts: Making Meaning out of Raw Scores.
5: Statistical Concepts: Creating New Scores to Interpret Test Data.
6: Assessment of Educational Ability: Survey Battery, Diagnostic, Readiness and Cognitive Ability Tests.
7: Intellectual and Cognitive Functioning: Intelligence Testing and Neuropsychological Assessment.
8: Career and Occupational Assessment: Interest Inventories, Multiple Aptitude and Special Aptitude Tests.
9: Clinical Assessment: Objective and Projective Personality Tests.
10: Informal Assessment: Observation, Rating Scales, Classification Methods, Environmental Assessment, Records and Personal Documents and Performance-Based Assessment.
11: Diagnosis in the Assessment Process
12: The Assessment Report Process: The Interview, Assessment Techniques, Environmental Assessment, and the Report.

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  • ISBN-10: 0495604585
  • ISBN-13: 9780495604587
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $113.00
  • RETAIL $149.95

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Online Instructor's Manual and Test Bank

ISBN: 9781285454351
An online Instructor's Manual accompanies this book. It contains information to assist the instructor in designing the course, including sample syllabi, discussion questions, teaching and learning activities, field experiences, learning objectives, and additional online resources. For assessment support, the updated test bank includes true/false, multiple-choice, matching, short-answer, and essay questions for each chapter.

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ISBN: 9781285454320
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