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Created through a "student-tested, faculty-approved" review process with input from more than 200 students and faculty, GOVT3 is an engaging and accessible solution to accommodate the diverse lifestyles of today's learners at a value-based price. Focusing on the current and historical conflicts and controversies that define America as a nation, GOVT 3 is a streamlined and extremely current text for the American Government course. Its motivating debate theme and appealing magazine-like format speak directly to today's student.

Edward I. Sidlow, Eastern Michigan University

Edward Sidlow is Professor of Political Science at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) and is the university's faculty representative to the NCAA. Dr. Sidlow received his Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in 1979. He teaches broadly in American politics and has published two books on Congress in addition to numerous articles in professional journals. Prior to his work at EMU, Sidlow served on the faculties of Arizona State University, Miami University in Ohio, Northwestern University and as an academic administrator at Loyola University Chicago. Dr. Sidlow has won awards for outstanding teaching at Miami, Northwestern and EMU and is often called upon by print and electronic media for political analysis.

Beth Henschen, Eastern Michigan University

Beth Henschen received her Ph.D. from The Ohio State University and was a faculty member in the departments of Political Science at Purdue University and Loyola University Chicago before joining the faculty at Eastern Michigan University. She teaches courses in American Government, Judicial Politics and Civil Rights and Liberties and has been the recipient of several awards for teaching excellence. Dr. Henschen's articles have appeared in numerous professional journals, including the American Political Science Review, American Politics Quarterly, Legislative Studies Quarterly, Judicature, Policy Studies Review and Political Research Quarterly.
  • GOVT has been fully updated throughout to discuss current events, such as the latest on healthcare reform, the 2010 elections results and analysis, the role of social media in politics, the BP oil spill, astroturfing, the tea party movement, the earthquake in Haiti, the 2010 census, and more.
  • Chapter (1) incorporates a new discussion on why politics matters to you, helping students see the importance of this study and applies the subject to their everyday lives.
  • New "2010 Elections" boxes discuss the latest elections results and analyze their implications throughout the book.
  • "The Rest of the World" features now incorporate maps of the regions being discussed.
  • The chapter closing "America at Odds" sections have been refashioned to leave students with clear points to take-away from the chapter and an expanded "Take Action" helps them find ways to get involved in politics and their community.
  • The "Rest of the World" features invite students to develop a deeper understanding of important concepts by discussing international behaviors.
  • "Perception vs. Reality" features promote critical thinking by presenting factual data that contradict common misconceptions, encouraging students to reconsider their own positions and broaden their perspective.
  • Critical-thinking questions are integrated into the photo captions and all boxed features.
  • "Chapter In Review" cards at the back of the Student Edition provide students a portable study tool containing all of the pertinent information for class preparation.
  • "Chapter in Review" cards at the back of the Instructor's Edition make preparation simple. These chapter-specific detachable cards offer a quick map of chapter content, a list of corresponding PowerPoint® and video resources, and suggested assignments and discussion questions to help you organize chapter content efficiently.
  • A full suite of unique learning tools that appeal to different learning styles is available to students with the purchase of a new book or available separately through CourseMate. Quizzes, audio downloads, videos, animated learning modules, simulations, and more are only a click away.
  • All of the content and resources you expect with a supplements package that is second to none including a test bank and instructor's manual created by the book's author, multimedia PowerPoints, online course management tools with Engagement Tracker, NewsNow, an interactive eBook, and an Instructor's Guide to YouTube, current and historical videos, and much more.
  • An innovative combination of content delivery both in print and online provides a core text and a wealth of comprehensive multimedia teaching and learning assets based on input from student focus groups and surveys and from interviews with nearly 200 faculty and students.
  • Shorter, comprehensive chapters in a modern design present content in a more engaging and accessible format without minimizing coverage for your course.
  • Each chapter opens and closes with an "America at Odds" section discussing a relevant controversy being debated through summaries of opposing opinions.
  • "Government Action in a Troubled Economy" boxes help explain the current economic downturn and the ensuing economic policies.
1. America in the 21st Century
2. The Constitution.
3. Federalism.
4. Civil Liberties.
5. Civil Rights.
6. Interest Groups.
7. Political Parties.
8. Public Opinion and Voting.
9. Campaigns and Elections.
10. Politics and the Media.
11. Congress.
12. The Presidency.
13. The Bureaucracy.
14. The Judiciary.
15. Domestic Policy.
16. Foreign Policy.
Appendix A: The Declaration of Independence.
Appendix B: The Constitution of the United States.
Appendix C: Supreme Court Justices since 1900.
Appendix D: Party Control of Congress since 1900.
Appendix E: Information on U.S. Presidents.
Appendix F: Federalist Papers No. 10 and No. 51.
Appendix G: How to Read Case Citations and Find Court Decisions.

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  • ISBN-10: 1111342474
  • ISBN-13: 9781111342470
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $52.50
  • RETAIL $69.95

"I LOVE GOVT. I really do think that it combines the attractiveness for students . . . with better content and presentation. . . . The thing I like about the features of GOVT is that they seem to be more specifically politically literate--meaning you learn how to learn, so being an engaged citizen includes learning how to find the information. I like that a lot! . . . The GOVT ancillary package looks GREAT!"-- Leah A. Murray, Weber State University

"For me, the clear strength of GOVT is the organization and structure around the learning objectives in each chapter. Students are always asking what they should study and struggling to figure out what from each chapter is important and what is just interesting color that I've added to make the class more interesting. Your learning objectives give them a concrete way to distill out what is important, and the fact that they come on detachable study cards is a great bonus! . . . Students will like the format and the price, as well as the cutting edge flavor of both the photos and the issues raised in the 'America at Odds' boxes. These are a great way to launch a lecture, but they'll fall flat if the issues are no longer hot. In that regard, this book delivers! . . . I also really like how the technology for this book is not an afterthought. Students today expect technology to actually enhance their class experience, not just add to the cost of the text. The array of book-specific material that is available for this title really sets it apart from others and increases the amount of time students will spend outside of class engaging with the course material. And the great part is that with a $65 book I don't have to feel guilty about asking them to buy the new book so I can make use of those great resources!"-- Robert S. Wood, University of North Dakota