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Criminal Law and Procedure: An Overview, third edition, covers the essentials of both substantive criminal law and criminal procedure. Covering both subjects makes this book suitable for a single course designed to provide an overview of the entire criminal justice system, or it can be used in separate courses covering substantive and procedural law. The first part defines criminal responsibility and addresses the major felonies recognized in most, if not all jurisdictions. The second half covers the procedural aspects of the entire criminal justice system from arrest to appeal and habeas corpus. Particular emphasis is placed on the fourth, fifth, and sixth amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The material provided in this resource constitutes a narrative account of the law. Abundant case summaries are interwoven to bring real world scenarios into the classroom. Chapter outlines open each chapter to focus attention on the main elements the student will encounter. Each chapter concludes with concept summary charts, discussion questions and practical exercises.

Ronald J. Bacigal, University of Richmond

Author Ronald Bacigal has served as a Professor of Law since 1971. He currently teaches at the University of Richmond. Mr. Bacigal received his B.A from Concord College and completed his law degree at Washington and Lee University. He was a Fulbright Scholar recipient to the University of Amsterdam. Mr. Bacigal is a Reporter of Criminal Case for the Virginia Court of Appeals and the Former Chair of Criminal Law Section of the Association of American Law School.
  • Many new cases have been included in this edition to illustrate key concepts.
  • New information on Electronic Video Surveillance and the Patriot Act
  • Added information on the Model Penal Code throughout the Chapters covering substantive criminal law.
  • New information on Terrorism and the “D.C. Sniper” Case
  • Added information on the “federalization” of criminal procedure.
  • New information on the right to die and assisted suicide
  • New information on the triggerman concept applicable in capital cases
  • Jury instructions, sample documents, forms, and other exhibits illustrate how theories discussed in the chapter appear in a professional setting.
  • Concept summary charts depict and contrast the key points covered.
  • Discussion questions and practice exercises stimulate deliberation and practical application of the chapter material.
  • Helpful Websites give readers additional online resources to explore.
  • Exhibits, such as jury instructions, sample documents, and forms, illustrate how theories discussed in the chapter appear in a professional setting
Chapter 1: Defining and Proving Crimes
Chapter 2: Essential Elements of Crimes
Chapter 3: Parties to a Crime and Inchoate Offenses
Chapter 4: Defenses
Chapter 5: Crimes Against a Person
Chapter 6: Crimes Against Property and Habitation
Chapter 7: Crimes Against Public Order and Public Morality
Chapter 8: Introduction to Procedure and the Right to Counsel
Chapter 9: Seizures of a Person and Identification Procedures
Chapter 10: Search and Seizure of Property
Chapter 11: Government Monitoring of Communication and the Fourth Amendment Exclusionary Rule
Chapter 12: Interrogation and Self-Incrimination
Chapter 13: Preliminary Stages of the Prosecution
Chapter 14: Pretrial Motions
Chapter 15: Trial
Chapter 16: Verdict, Punishment, and Judicial Review

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  • ISBN-10: 1133478972
  • ISBN-13: 9781133478973
  • STARTING AT $20.99

  • ISBN-10: 1428317414
  • ISBN-13: 9781428317413
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