Cengage Advantage Books: Cultural Anthropology: A Problem-Based Approach 7th Edition

Richard H. Robbins | Rachel Dowty

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CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: A PROBLEM-BASED APPROACH, 7TH EDITION uses a hands-on, active-learning approach to encourage critical thinking and discussion as students examine research problems studied by anthropologists. Students analyze their own culture as a basis for understanding the cultures of others. Presentations are organized around research problems rather than topics, creating a natural, integrated discussion of concerns, such as kinship, caste, gender roles, and religion. Students explore subjects within the context of meaningful questions. This brief, affordable approach provides flexibility for you to add original research or ethnographies to enrich students' exposure to anthropology. An option with CourseMate is available.

Meet the Author

Richard H. Robbins, State University of New York (SUNY), Plattsburgh

Richard H. Robbins is a distinguished teaching professor of anthropology at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh. His teaching interests include courses on global problems, utopian societies, comparative religion, the anthropology of food, and activist anthropology. He has conducted research among indigenous peoples of Canada and fishing communities in northeastern New Brunswick. His recent books Include Debt as Power (with Tim DiMuzio); Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism, Sixth Edition; Darwin and the Bible: The Cultural Confrontation (With Mark Cohen); and Globalization and the Environment (with Gary Kroll). Professor Robbins is the recipient of the 2005 American Anthropological Association/McGraw-Hill award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.

Rachel Dowty, Louisiana State University

Rachel A. Dowty is visiting assistant professor in emergency management at the University of New Haven, Connecticut. Her research interests revolve around the social and anthropological study of crises and disasters, organizations, and science and technology. She co-authored CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY, 2nd Edition (with Richard H. Robbins). Dowty also co-edited a volume entitled DYNAMICS OF DISASTER: LESSONS ON RISK, RESPONSE AND RECOVERY (2011, with Barbara Allen) and authored numerous book chapters and articles. She has taught a diverse array of university courses for the past 17 years that focus on understanding culture through hands-on civic engagement and reflection. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, edible landscaping, and spending time with her family.

Features & Benefits

  • Chapter 3 on globalization, neoliberalism, and the nation-state examines the pros and cons of the modern economy. It includes an extended discussion of debt and the manner of money creation.
  • Relevant and updated coverage discusses culture change among indigenous peoples of North America and the adaptations to cultural devastation.
  • Brief numbered exercises are found throughout each chapter and require students to apply the concepts covered. These exercises can lead to classroom discussions, critical-thinking assignments, or group work.
  • Key research problems on culture and meaning, the idea of progress, globalization, neoliberalism, the social and cultural construction of reality, family relations, identity, social hierarchy, and conflict are discussed using a participatory, active-learning approach.
  • Numerous comparisons of world cultures with American culture encourage students to recognize their own cultural perspectives.

Table of Contents

Cengage Advantage Books: Cultural Anthropology: A Problem-Based Approach


1. Culture and Meaning.
2. The Meaning of Progress and Development.
3. Debt, Neoliberalism and the Nation-State.
4. The Social and Cultural Construction of Reality.
5. Patterns of Family Relations.
6. The Cultural Construction of Identity.
7. The Cultural Construction of Social Hierarchy.
8. The Cultural Construction of Violent Conflict.
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