Business Law and the Legal Environment, Standard Edition 7th Edition

Jeffrey F. Beatty | Susan S. Samuelson

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Packed with current examples and engaging scenarios, BUSINESS LAW AND THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT, STANDARD EDITION has earned the stamp of approval from trial and appellate judges, working attorneys, scholars, and teachers for its full breadth of business law coverage. The seventh edition retains the lively, conversational writing style, which explains complex legal topics in easy-to-understand language as it illustrates how legal concepts apply to everyday business practice. Up-to-date coverage includes new material on the digital landscape, international law, and privacy issues; and hands-on activities that prompt students to think through business issues from a lawyer's perspective.

Meet the Author

Jeffrey F. Beatty, Boston University

Jeffrey F. Beatty was a two-time winner of the Beckwith Prize, Boston University's highest undergraduate teaching award. His research expertise included constitutional law, torts, contracts, and the uniform commercial code. In 1998, the Academy of Legal Studies in Business (ALSB) awarded him the Charles Hewitt Award for excellence in teaching, presented annually to one professor in the United States. The highest honor for teaching conferred by the ALSB, this award is dedicated to the communication and recognition of creative teaching practices of business law. Prior to his teaching, Professor Beatty worked for several years as a legal aid lawyer, concentrating on immigration law and general civil litigation. He also practiced in a private firm, where he concentrated on general civil litigation, including trials and appeals of tort, contract, employment, and property cases.

Susan S. Samuelson, Boston University

Susan S. Samuelson is a tenured full professor in the School of Management at Boston University, where she has been awarded the Broderick Prize in recognition of outstanding teaching accomplishments. She teaches both law and ethics to undergraduates, graduate students, and executives. Professor Samuelson's research has focused on securities law and the management of lawyers (in both law firms and corporations). Her articles have appeared in the Boston University Law Review, Ohio State Law Journal, the Harvard Journal on Legislation and the Sloan Management View, among others. She practiced law in the corporate department of the law firm Choate, Hall, and Stewart. She earned both an AB and JD at Harvard University.

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  • Integrated illustrations and application features appear in the flow of the text, making them more accessible and useful to students.
  • Comprehensive, up-to-date, and authoritative, BUSINESS LAW AND THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT's standard-setting coverage has earned the stamp of approval from trial and appellate judges, working attorneys, scholars, and teachers.
  • "You Be the Judge" and "Ethics Checklists" ask students to think through business issues from a lawyer's perspective, providing valuable hands-on experience applying chapter concepts to real-world business practice.
  • Key terms located in the text margins help students focus on the most important concepts.
  • Comprehension study tools at the end of each chapter include "Exam Review" and "Exam Strategy" features to help students check their progress and prepare efficiently for exams.
  • The text's signature student-friendly writing style puts legal concepts into context using familiar real-world scenarios--helping students gain a thorough understanding of material.

Table of Contents

Business Law and the Legal Environment, Standard Edition


1. Introduction to Law.
2. Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.
3. International Law.
4. Common Law, Statutory Law, and Administrative Law.
5. Constitutional Law.
6. Dispute Resolution.
7. Crime.
Unit 2: TORTS.
8. Intentional Torts and Business Torts.
9. Negligence, Strict Liability, and Product Liability.
10. Cyberlaw and Privacy.
11. Introduction to Contracts.
12. Agreement.
13. Consideration.
14. Legality.
15. Capacity and Consent.
16. Written Contracts.
17. Third Parties.
18. Performance, Breach and Discharge.
19. Remedies.
20. Practical Contracts.
Unit 4: SALES.
21. Introduction to Sales.
22. Ownership, Risk and Warranties.
23. Performance and Remedies.
24. Secured Transactions.
25. Creating a Negotiable Instrument.
26. Liability for Negotiable Instruments.
27. Accountants' Liability.
28. Agency Law.
29. Employment and Labor Law.
30. Employment Discrimination.
31. Starting a Business: LLCs and Other Options.
32. Partnerships.
33. Life and Death of a Corporation.
34. Management Duties.
35. Shareholder Rights.
36. Bankruptcy.
37. Securities Regulation.
38. Antitrust.
39. Consumer Protection.
40. Environmental Law.
41. Intellectual Property.
42. Real Property and Landlord Tenant.
43. Personal Property and Bailment.
44. Planning for the Future: Estates and Insurance.
Appendix A: The Constitution of the U.S.
Appendix B: The UCC.
Appendix C: Answer Key.
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