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Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making & Cases 11th Edition

O. C. Ferrell | John Fraedrich | Linda Ferrell

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Packed with cases, exercises, simulations, and practice tests, the market-leading BUSINESS ETHICS: ETHICAL DECISION MAKING AND CASES thoroughly covers the complex environment in which managers confront ethical decision-making. Using a proven managerial framework, the authors address the overall concepts, processes, and best practices associated with successful business ethics programs -- helping students see how ethics can be integrated into key strategic business decisions. The eleventh edition presents new legislation affecting business ethics, up-to-date examples, best practices of high-profile organizations, and 20 new or updated original cases. It's also available with MindTap® online teaching and learning tools.

O. C. Ferrell, Auburn University

O.C. Ferrell (Ph.D., Louisiana State University) is the James T. Pursell Sr. Eminent Scholar in Ethics and Director of the Center for Ethical Organizational Cultures, Auburn University. He served as the Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Ethics at Belmont University and University Distinguished Professor of Marketing in the Anderson School of Management at University of New Mexico. His academic research focuses on ethical decision-making, stakeholder relationships and social responsibility. He is a leading author in marketing ethics and stakeholder orientation to achieve marketing performance in organizations. Dr. Ferrell is past president of the Academic Council of the American Marketing Association and chaired the American Marketing Association Ethics Committee twice. Under his leadership, the committee developed the AMA Code of Ethics and the AMA Code of Ethics for Marketing on the Internet. He is Vice President of Publications for the Academy of Marketing Science. He has received the Cutco Vector Distinguished Marketing Educator Award from the Academy of Marketing Science. Dr. Ferrell is the co-author of 20 books and more than 100 articles. His articles have been published in the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and The Academy of Management Executive, as well as other journals. Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases, co-authored with John Fraedrich and Linda Ferrell, is one of today’s leading business ethics texts. Dr. Ferrell has served as an expert witness on marketing issues for numerous legal cases, has been quoted in leading business publications, such as USA Today and Wall Street Journal, and has appeared on The Today Show to discuss marketing issues.

John Fraedrich, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Professor Fraedrich's dissertation (1988) was the nexus for the ethics book "Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases" (11th edition) 2016, and is the most widely used undergraduate business ethics text in the U.S. Dr. Fraedrich has the distinction of being one of 50 marketing ethics professors selected to participate in an International Consortium on Ethics and Social Responsibility. In his career, he has presented, written, and/or published over 50 pieces related to business ethics alone. On a global level, he has helped affect business ethics dialogue by being the only ethics professor invited by a former U.S. Secretary of State to participate in an executive seminar on globalization and its implications and challenges for societies, corporate responsibility, and public policy and included ambassadors and economic ministers from Argentina, Australia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Germany, the Republic of Georgia, Lesotho, Mexico, Peru, and Poland, as well as Fortune 100 firms such as Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin, and Sumitomo Corporation. He was invited by FEDERASUL, a prestigious business organization in Brazil, to discuss business ethics on a panel that included one of Brazil's Supreme Court Justices as well as a former ambassador. In 2006−2007, Professor Fraedrich was awarded the Bill Daniels Distinguished Professor of Business Ethics at the University of Wyoming, College of Business. Recently, Professor Fraedrich was invited to teach for the Department of the Army at the General Officer level concerning "The Consequences of Power." His class included 13 Brigadier Generals as well as five star generals (two lieutenant generals and three major generals). He is also the author of integrated application-oriented ethics software for academics and Fortune 500 corporations.

Linda Ferrell, University of New Mexico

Dr. Linda Ferrell (Ph.D. University of Memphis) is professor of marketing at Belmont University. Dr. Ferrell coauthored Business and Society with O. C. Ferrell and Debbie M. Thorne and is co-author of Business in a Changing World with O.C. Ferrell and Geoff Hirt. She won the Best Paper award twice at the American Marketing Association's National Summer Educators Meeting and has published over 30 articles in JOURNAL OF THE ACADEMY OF MARKETING SCIENCE, JOURNAL OF PUBLIC POLICY & MARKETING, JOURNAL OF PERSONAL SELLING & SALES MANAGEMENT, AMS REVIEW, JOURNAL OF STRATEGIC MARKETING, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS, and CASE RESEARCH JOURNAL, as well as others.

MindTap® is the digital learning solution that powers students from memorization to mastery. It gives you complete control of your course—to provide engaging content, to challenge every individual, and to build their confidence. Empower students to accelerate their progress with MindTap.

  • Role-play cases in the Instructor's Resource Manual provide excellent culminating experiences for your students to integrate concepts covered in the text. Cases are also effective as ongoing exercises to provide your students with extensive opportunities for interacting and making ethical decisions.
  • This market-leading text emphasizes decision-making, leadership, and strategy as it illustrates how to develop, implement, and audit an effective ethics program in a global environment.
  • Ensuring your students get the most from the course, the text's rich pedagogical program includes Chapter Objectives, a Chapter Outline, a detailed Chapter Summary, and Check Your E.Q. (Ethics Quotient) exercises that help students identify key concepts, initiate discussion, enhance problem-solving skills, and provide an opportunity for self-assessment.
  • The text is packed with real-world, hands-on applicationsplacing your students in the role of decision maker. An "Ethical Dilemma" at the opening of each chapter highlights a realistic situation and provides guided discussion questions on how the dilemma could be resolved. Chapter-ending "Resolving Ethical Business Challenges" are mini-cases that give your students an opportunity to put what they have learned into action as they use their critical-thinking skills to address realistic ethical issues.

Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making & Cases


1. The Importance of Business Ethics.
2. Stakeholder Relationships, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance.
3. Emerging Business Ethics Issues.
4. The Institutionalization of Business Ethics.
5. Ethical Decision Making and Ethical Leadership.
6. Individual Factors: Moral Philosophies and Values.
7. Organizational Factors: The Role of Ethical Culture and Relationships.
8. Developing an Effective Ethics Program.
9. Managing and Controlling Ethics Programs.
10. Ethical Leadership.
11. Business Ethics in a Global Economy.
12. Sustainability: Ethical and Social Responsibility Dimensions
Part V: CASES.
1. Monsanto Attempts to Balance Stakeholder Interests.
2. Starbucks' Mission: Social Responsibility and Brand Strength.
3. Walmart Manages Ethical and Compliance Challenges.
4. Managing Risks in the Oil Industry.
5. New Belgium Brewing: Ethical and Environmental Responsibility.
6. National Collegiate Athletic Association: Football Compliance.
7. Google: The Quest to Balance Privacy with Profits.
8. Zappos: Delivering Happiness to Stakeholders.
9. Enron: Questionable Accounting Leads to Collapse.
10. Home Depot Implements Stakeholder Orientation.
11. Frauds of the Century.
12. Insider Trading at the Galleon Group.
13. Whole Foods Strives to Be an Ethical Corporate Citizen.
14. Apple Inc.'s Ethical Successes and Challenges.
15. PepsiCo's Journey Toward an Ethical and Socially Responsible Culture.
16. Recreational Equipment Incorporated (REI): A Responsible Retail Cooperative.
17. Better Business Bureau: Protecting Consumers and Dealing with Organizational Ethics Challenges.
18. Managing the Risks of Bribery in Global Business.
19. Mattel Responds to Ethical Challenges.
20. Best Buy Fights Against Electronic Waste.

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