Body Structures and Functions 13th Edition

Ann Senisi Scott | Elizabeth Fong

  • Copyright 2017
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BODY STRUCTURES AND FUNCTION, 13th Edition, introduces the basics of the human body and how it functions. This product take students from an introduction to life functions and terminology to an overall review of human development and body processes. Figures and tables make difficult material easier to understand. A new media link feature directs students to 3D anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology. One Body describes the interrelationship of all body systems. Career Profiles give students insight into growing health care professions. In addition, each body system chapter integrates diseases and disorders to link physiology with anatomy.

Meet the Author

Ann Senisi Scott, Mount Mercy College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Ann Senisi Scott was previously the Coordinator of Leadership Programs at Mount Mercy College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She also served as Coordinator of Health Occupations and Practical Nursing at Nassau Tech Board of Cooperative Education Services, Westbury, New York, where she was responsible for several health career programs offered at Nassau Boces, including Practical Nursing, Nurse Assistance, Medical Assistant, Medical Lab Technician, Dental Assistant, and Dental Lab. In addition, she worked to establish a career ladder program from health care worker to practical nurse. Before becoming the administrator of these programs, she taught Practical Nursing for more than twelve years.

Elizabeth Fong,

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Features & Benefits

  • An entire chapter devoted to Infection Control and Standard Precautions emphasizes the importance of maintaining health and safety in the health care work environment as well as highlights the latest practices and protocols.
  • Career Profiles give students an up close view into today's most promising health care careers. Describing an assortment of health and medical professions, the profiles offer detailed information into the role of each professional -- equipping students with valuable insight as they begin planning their own career paths.
  • Did You Know boxes feature fun, interesting trivia-like facts to engage your students, while Medical Highlights provide the latest information on diseases, treatment, and health care issues.
  • Effects of Aging boxes highlight body system changes that occur as people age.
  • Helping students review what they have learned as well as sharpen their critical thinking skills, end-of-chapter Applying Theory to Practice questions and Case Studies simulate experiences from real-life health care settings -- enabling students to put chapter concepts into action.
  • Lab Activities bring an interactive dimension to learning, and the accompanying student workbook offers additional practice through interactive quizzes and fun activities that correlate with each chapter in the book.

Table of Contents

Body Structures and Functions


1. Introduction to the Structural Units.
2. Chemistry of Living Things.
3. Cells.
4. Tissues and Membranes.
5. Integumentary System.
6. Skeletal System.
7. Muscular System.
8. Central Nervous System.
9. Peripheral and Autonomic Nervous System.
10. Special Senses.
11. Endocrine System.
12. Blood.
13. Heart.
14. Circulation and Blood Vessels.
15. The Lymphatic System and Immunity.
16. Infection Control and Standard Precautions.
17. Respiratory System.
18. Digestive System.
19. Nutrition.
20. Urinary/Excretory System.
21. Reproductive System.
22. Genetics and Genetically Linked Diseases.
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ISBN: 9781305511439
The student workbook is design to help you retain key chapter content. Included within this resource are chapter objective questions; key-term definition queries; and multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and true-or-false problems.