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Argumentation and Debate 12th Edition

Austin J. Freeley, David L. Steinberg

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2005, 2000, 1996
  • 544 Pages


Widely praised, ARGUMENTATION AND DEBATE, 12e, provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practice of argumentation and debate using a clear, concise, and engaging presentation that makes even complex material nonintimidating and easy for students to understand. ARGUMENTATION AND DEBATE includes thorough coverage of fundamental concepts, detailed models of argumentation, and practical guidance to help students apply and enhance their skills in academic debates and a variety of real-life scenarios. With an emphasis on critical thinking, reasoned decision making, and advocacy skills, this text is perfect for any course that empowers students to participate actively as citizens in a democratic society.

Austin J. Freeley, John Carroll University

David L. Steinberg, University of Miami

David L. Steinberg has been The University of Miami's director of debate since 1990. His teams are respected, successful, and have won many awards. They participate in competitive policy debate, parliamentary debate, and frequent public debates. Steinberg was the president of the Cross Examination Debate Association in 2006-2007. CEDA is the professional organization which sponsors and represents intercollegiate policy debate teams in the United States. Steinberg serves in national leadership positions in the American Forensic Association and the National Communication Association. At The University of Miami, he is a lecturer in Communication Studies and teaches courses in Communication Theory, Persuasion, Rhetorical Theory and Criticism, Organizational Communication, Political Communication, Public Speaking, Business Communication, and Argumentation and Debate. His research and scholarly efforts include Argument in the Public Sphere, Political Communication and Campaign Debates, Academic Debate and Pedagogy, and Rhetorical Criticism. Steinberg is adviser to the Miami Dade Urban Debate League, Lambda Pi Eta Communication Studies Honorary, The National Communication Association Student Club at UM, and the UM Chapter of Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha National Forensics Honorary. Steinberg has served as a mentor in the UM Student Athlete Mentoring Program and is a lecturer for the Butler Center for Leadership and Service, the University of Miami Freshman Experience, and the Intensive English Program. He holds a Master's Degree in Communication from The University of Tennessee and has completed significant post-graduate work in Communication Studies, Education, and Human Resource Development from The Pennsylvania State University and from Florida International University. Prior to joining the faculty at UM, Steinberg taught and directed debaters at Middle Tennessee State, Penn State, George Mason, and Towson Universities.
  • The 12th edition features the latest trends and research, expanded discussions of ethical decision making and performance as argumentation, new classroom exercises, additional examples of key concepts and models, and an expanded bibliography of useful publications and resources.
  • Newly designed concept boxes feature boldfaced key words, bulleted lists, and eye-catching visuals, making it easy for students to identify and review essential content.
  • The authors explore technology's role in modern discourse and the impact of electronic resources on the research process. Students are provided an expanded list of online tools and information that is related to argumentation and debate.
  • The discussion of political debates includes a new example from the 2004 presidential campaign (Bush vs. Kerry) and coverage of the YouTube debates of 2007, providing a fascinating and current exploration of this rapidly evolving and important form of discourse.
  • New features present speaker duties in policy and value debates in an innovative and intuitive flowchart format that breaks down this essential material in a convenient and effective way that is ideal for visual learners.
  • The text provides a strong emphasis on critical thinking, reasoned decision making, and advocacy skills--essential skills that students can apply in the argumentation and debate course, in their other college classes, and in their personal lives and careers.
1. Critical Thinking.
2. Applied and Academic Debate.
3. Stating the Controversy.
4. Analyzing the Controversy.
5. Exploring the Controversy.
6. Evidence.
7. Tests of Evidence.
8. The Structure of Reasoning.
9. Types of Reasoning.
10. Obstacles to Clear Thinking.
11. Requirements of the Case.
12. Building the Affirmative Case.
13. Building the Negative Case.
14. Refutation.
15. Presenting the Case: Composition.
16. Presenting the Case: Delivery.
17. Evaluating the Debate.
18. Academic Debate Formats and Cross Examination.
19. Applied Parliamentary Debate.
Appendix A: Presidential Debate. The Third Bush v. Kerry Presidential Debate: October 13, 2004.
Appendix B: National Championship Debate.
Appendix C: National Intercollegiate Debate Propositions (NDT).
Appendix D: National Intercollegiate Debate Propositions (CEDA).
Appendix E: Debate Bibliography.
Appendix F: Glossary.

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