Aplia for Integrated Reading and Writing, Level 1 1st Edition

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Aplia™ for Integrated Reading and Writing, Level 1 helps students master the concepts that matter most and transfer skills to other classes and beyond. This web-based sentence-to-paragraph writing and reading curriculum emphasizes the writing and reading processes, vocabulary skills, academic versus personal writing, grammar, modes-based writing, and writing foundations. Diagnostic assessments identify weaknesses, allowing students to focus on the concepts needing remediation, with multiple practice opportunities for each concept. Students work through concepts step-by-step, first practicing the fundamentals and, then demonstrating critical thinking and understanding in context. Gradebook tools let you track student performance and generate reports.

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Developed by teachers, Aplia assignments connect concepts to the real world and focus on the unique course challenges facing students. In the last 15 years, more than two billion answers have been submitted through Aplia, representing millions of students who have come to class more engaged and better prepared.

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Table of Contents

Aplia for Integrated Reading and Writing, Level 1


Reading Writing and Thinking Critically.
The Reading Process.
The Writing Process.
Vocabulary Skills.
Sound-alikes and Look-alikes.
Academic Style.
Vocabulary and Comprehension – 1.
Main Ideas.
Recognizing and Creating Topic Sentences.
Recognizing and Using Supporting Details.
Vocabulary and Comprehension – 2.
Coherence and Organization.
Order of Importance and Listing.
Vocabulary and Comprehension - 3.
Cause and Effect.
Compare and Contrast.
Vocabulary and Comprehension – 4.
Combination of Reading Patterns of Organization.
QuotingParaphrasingand Summarizing.
Vocabulary and Comprehension – 5.
Foundations of Writing – Nouns and Articles.
Foundations of Writing – Adjectives and Adverbs.
Foundations of Writing – Verbals.
Foundations of Writing – Prepositions.
Foundations of Writing – Auxiliary Verbs.
Foundations of Writing – Basic Sentence Structure.
Run-ons and Comma Splices.
Simple Past Tense.
Simple Present Tense.
Perfect Tense.
Progressive Tense.
The Subject.
The Verb.
Subject-Verb Agreement.
Modifier Use.
Comma Usage.
Paragraphs to Essays.
Layout and Design.
Recognizing Bias.
Recognizing the Author’s Purpose.
Recognizing Tone.
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