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In this new edition of the market-leading personal health text, Dianne Hales invites your students to build their future of healthy living by applying the concepts to evaluate their current lifestyle and make healthy changes. Delivering the most current and thorough coverage available, AN INVITATION TO HEALTH: BUILD YOUR FUTURE integrates a comprehensive presentation of health concepts--body, mind, and spirit--with a wealth of applications for the students' lives, including "Your Strategies for Change," "Your Strategies for Prevention" and "Making Change Happen." New to this edition is a feature called "Health in Action," which provides a brief list of Do's and Don'ts for specific behaviors. Recognizing the impact of the current economic environment, "Health on a Budget" demonstrates practical ways that students can achieve their goals by drawing on internal resources. . The most student-oriented text on the market, AN INVITATION TO HEALTH: BUILD YOUR FUTURE is packed with relevant examples, colorful photos, figures, and new research and statistics presented in an engaging way. This complete textbook program provides an outstanding set of resources for both students and instructors to accomplish key goals of the course and reinforce learning. Choose AN INVITATION TO HEALTH for your course and motivate your students to change.

Dianne Hales,

Dianne Hales is one of the most widely published and honored health writers in the country. Her bestselling textbooks include AN INVITATION TO HEALTH: YOUR LIFE, YOUR FUTURE. Her trade books include the award-winning compendium of mental health information CARING FOR THE MIND: THE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO MENTAL HEALTH; THINK THIN, BE THIN (with Doris Helmering); JUST LIKE A WOMAN: HOW GENDER SCIENCE IS REDEFINING WHAT MAKES US FEMALE; THE MIND-MOOD PILL BOOK; INTENSIVE CARING: NEW HOPE FOR HIGH RISK PREGNANCY (with Dr. Timothy Johnson); HOW TO SLEEP LIKE A BABY; THE U.S. ARMY TOTAL FITNESS PROGRAM; NEW HOPE FOR PROBLEM PREGNANCIES; and THE COMPLETE BOOK OF SLEEP. The president of Italy named Hales a "cavaliere dell'Ordine della Stella della Solidarietà Italiana" (Knight of the Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity) in recognition of her bestselling book LA BELLA LINGUA as an "invaluable tool for promoting the Italian language." Her other writing awards include honors from the American Psychiatric Association, American Psychological Association, the National Women's Political Caucus, California Psychiatric Society, CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), Council for the Advancement of Scientific Education and the New York City Public Library. Her latest general audience book is the biography MONA LISA: A LIFE DISCOVERED.
  • NEW! "Health in Action" gives students a brief list of Do's and Don'ts for healthy behavior. Examples include "Count Your Blessings," "Assessing a Relationship," and "Analyzing Your Diet".
  • NEW! Chapter 5 on Social Health addresses online relationships, protecting oneself and one’s privacy, and more.
  • NEW! "Health in the Headlines" provides links to articles in Global Health Watch reporting on a variety of hot topics--for example, "Depression Update," "Relationships in the 21st Century," and "The Impact of Obesity".
  • NEW! The latest research and coverage has been added, including new information on consumer health, positive psychology, sexual responsibility, and drug usage.
  • NEW! Personal choice: An important component of changing for lifelong healthy living is personal choice. Two new features encourage students to self-assess for healthy change. "How Do You Compare" encourages students to compare their attitudes and behaviors to those of other students. "Build Your Future" provides a checklist of change behaviors based on the topic of each chapter.
  • Dianne Hales is a successful textbook author and prolific health journalist whose immersion in current health issues is reflected throughout the text. With her unique understanding of today's college students, Hales focuses on topics and issues that are important and relevant to your students.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Designed for an introductory-level personal health course, AN INVITATION TO HEALTH: BUILD YOUR FUTURE, is known for its emphasis on behavior change, up-to-date coverage, student-friendly style, and practical, action-oriented approach. It covers a wide range of health topics, from fitness and nutrition to disease prevention, stress management, and development of healthy relationships.
  • Build Your Future: The theme of this edition is that the choices students make now impact their health in the future.
  • Positive change: The cornerstone of this text, behavior change is an increasingly emphasized theme that reflects the need for improving health behaviors and making healthy changes.
  • Strategies for change: The text offers a wealth of tips and strategies for making positive life changes. In addition to the "Your Strategies for Change/Your Strategies for Prevention" boxes, Learn It/Live It, Your Health Action Plan and "Self-Surveys," there are links to the new companion book INVITATION TO PERSONAL CHANGE, which offers ways to implement change in a variety of areas.
  • Online tools: This text is fully integrated with online teaching and learning resources that include INVITATION TO PERSONAL CHANGE labs, interactive behavior change planner, videos, and more.
Section I: Building Your Future.
1. Your Invitation to a Healthy Future.
2. Body, Mind, and Spirit.
3. Caring for Your Mind.
4. Personal Stress Management.
5. Social Health.
Section II: Healthy Lifestyles.
6. Personal Nutrition.
7. Managing Your Weight.
8. The Joy of Fitness.
Section III: Responsible Sexuality.
9. Personal Sexuality.
10. Reproductive Choices.
11. Sexually Transmitted Infections.
Section IV: Making Healthy Choices.
12. Addictions.
13. Alcohol.
14. Tobacco.
Section V: Taking Charge of Your Health.
15. Major Diseases.
16. Infectious Illnesses.
17. Traditional and Non-Traditional Health Care.
Section VI: Health in Context.
18. Personal Safety.
19. A Healthier Environment.
20. A Lifetime of Health.

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  • ISBN-10: 1133825664
  • ISBN-13: 9781133825661
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  • ISBN-10: 1111827001
  • ISBN-13: 9781111827007
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Instructor's Web Site

ISBN: 9781305866461
Everything you need for your course in one place! This collection of product-specific lecture and class tools is available online via the instructor resource center at You'll be able to access and download materials such as PowerPoint presentations, images, instructor’s manual, videos, and more.

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Cengage Learning Testing, powered by Cognero® is a flexible, online system that allows you to import, edit, and manipulate content from the text’s test bank or elsewhere, including your own favorite test questions; create multiple test versions in an instant; and deliver tests from your LMS, your classroom, or wherever you want.

Instructor's Edition

ISBN: 9781305857742
The latest edition of An Invitation to Health: The Power of Now! helps students adopt healthy lifestyles. From the physical and mental to social and sexual, concepts explore the mind, body, and spirit, enticing students to make lifestyle improvements NOW. Updated readings include a new chapter on consumer health, with “Consumer Alert” features that show how to critically evaluate health care. Other features address healthy living on a budget, preventative measures, and practical strategies that turn small changes into big benefits. Bestselling author Dianne Hales presents research in student-friendly ways, explaining the newest reports from the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine’s US Health in International Perspective, as well as new DSM-5 criteria and recent data from the ACHA’s 2013 National College Health Assessment. And students can make even greater strides with MindTap™, complete with self-assessments, labs, and features that improve health and learning.