Agents of Change in Bullet Tree Falls: How a Village in Belize Responded to Influences of Globalization 1st Edition

Andrew Gordon

  • Copyright 2017
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AGENTS OF CHANGE IN BULLET TREE FALLS highlights changes throughout the world by examining the microcosm of a single community. Four case studies feature initiatives intended to effect community change. Unique ethnographic reporting captures the thoughts and feelings of villagers in response to outsiders attempting to bring change to their personal identities and livelihoods. Topics are covered from an anthropological perspective with discussions of social and cultural change. Coverage highlights economic development, organizational and workplace culture, religion and ritual, race and ethnicity, post-colonialism, the use of esoteric language, social structure and family life, cultural heritage archaeology, indigenous healing, and migration.

Meet the Author

Andrew Gordon, University of Houston

Andrew J. Gordon, associate professor at the University of Houston, is an applied cultural anthropologist. His work in Belize includes directing an ethnographic field school that started in 2003, following earlier applied work in the country on the prevention of dengue fever. In addition to a PhD in anthropology from the University of Wisconsin, the author holds a master's degree in public health. Combining his expertise in these two areas, he has spent considerable time both in conducting ethnographic research in West Africa and the Dominican Republic and in consulting about problems related to health and development for the United States Agency for International Development, the Pan American Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, and The World Bank.

Features & Benefits

  • The case studies convey the experience of doing fieldwork and enhance students’ historical and contemporary awareness of changes happening throughout the world, all by examining the microcosm of a single community.
  • The book’s writing style is student-friendly and information-packed, while the personalities and adventures of the characters engage students and make the pages come alive.

Table of Contents

Agents of Change in Bullet Tree Falls: How a Village in Belize Responded to Influences of Globalization


1. Contemplating a Study of Change.
2. Cultural Heritage Tourism.
3. The Rastafarian Transformation.
4. The Cooperative Movement.
5. Converts for Evangelicals.
6. Rethinking Globalization and Change.
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