4th Edition

M. Victoria García Serrano, Cristina de la Torre, Annette Grant Cash

  • © 2015
  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2013, 2005, 1999
  • 512 Pages


¡A que sí! Enhanced Fourth Edition is designed to encourage post-intermediate Spanish students to think critically and to express themselves in Spanish. The Enhanced Fourth edition provides students with an opportunity for in-depth exploration of relevant contemporary issues and revolves around four main themes: Espacios: Publicos y privados, Encuentros y desencuentros, Patria Nacion: Acercamientos, and De aca para alla. Each thematic unit is now supported by an authentic short film with accompanying engaging activities to inspire creative thinking and conversation. The short films and related activities can be accessed through iLrnAdvance, the online digital solution that accompanies the ¡A que sí! program.

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  • ¡A QUE SÍ! is organized around four high-interest themes: Espacios: Públicos y privados, Encuentros y desencuentros, Patria/Nación: Acercamientos, and De acá para allá. These topics were selected for their general contemporary relevance and for their ability to increase students' awareness and understanding of Hispanic culture and global issues.

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