iLrn Language Learning Center for ¡A que sí! 4th Edition

M. Victoria García Serrano, Cristina de la Torre, Annette Grant Cash

  • © 2013
  • Published


The password protected A QUE SI iLrn Advance portal includes access to instructor resources and built-in course management.

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iLrn Language Learning Center

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iLrn™ Facilitates Online Language Learning at Mississippi State University
Students Communicate Online, Just as They Would in Class Using iLrn™

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iLrn™ and Conectados Showcase the Power of Online Language-Learning
iLrn™ Meets Students in Their Digital World

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iLrn™ Gives Spanish Students the Grounding They Need in Grammar, Culture, and Communication
iLrn™’s structure and online layout make it easy for students to receive guidance as they learn and practice.

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iLrn™ Accommodates Diverse Teaching Styles at the University of Wisconsin - Madison
Voice-Enabled Activities Reinforce Language Skills Outside of Class

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