A Microscale Approach to Organic Laboratory Techniques 6th Edition

Donald L. Pavia, George S. Kriz, Gary M. Lampman, Randall G. Engel

  • © 2018
  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2013


Featuring new experiments unique to this lab textbook, as well as new and revised essays and updated techniques, this Sixth Edition provides the up-to-date coverage students need to succeed in their coursework and future careers. From biofuels, green chemistry, and nanotechnology, the book’s experiments, designed to utilize microscale glassware and equipment, demonstrate the relationship between organic chemistry and everyday life, with project-and biological or health science focused experiments. As they move through the book, students will experience traditional organic reactions and syntheses, the isolation of natural products, and molecular modeling.

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What's New

  • NEW experiments that continue the text's tradition of demonstrating the relationship between organic chemistry and our everyday lives include: A Preparation of Soap, A New Green Oxidation Reaction using Oxone® in an Oxidation-Reduction Scheme, Preparation of Methyl Orange, Preparation of Indigo, and Formulation of a Paint and Art Project.
  • NEW essays that give further examples of how the text's new experiments are related to our everyday lives, including Soap and Dyes.
  • A number of experiments are linked together to create multistep syntheses, allowing students to carry out experiments that are different from those of their laboratory peers. For example, when doing a multistep synthesis, some students will carry out the chalcone reaction, others the “green” epoxidation, and still others, cyclopropanation of the resulting chalcones, making the laboratory experience more interesting and rewarding.
  • Many references in the technique chapters have been updated. New material on diastereotopic protons has been added to Technique 26, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, while technique 29, Guide to the Chemical Literature, has been revised.
  • NEW OWLv2 course with LabSkills PreLab activities that correlate to the topics covered and experiments from the textbook is now available. The course also includes 35 End of Chapter questions on key experiments and a MindTap Reader e-book version of the lab manual.

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