A History of Roman Art 2nd Edition

Fred S. Kleiner

  • © 2018
  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2011, 2007


Winner of the prestigious TAA Textbook Excellence Award, A HISTORY OF ROMAN ART has been updated to reflect scholarship advances of the past decade, and dramatically expands the lavish photographic documentation of the first edition with more than 400 new color photographs available in the text and online in MindTap®. Professor Kleiner's approach to telling the story of Roman art and architecture, widely praised for its clarity, readability, and accuracy, is maintained in the new edition. A HISTORY OF ROMAN ART surveys the art of Rome and its empire from the time of Romulus to the death of Constantine presented in its historical, political, and social context, with coverage of Etruscan and Greek art in Italy before the rise of Rome and of Christian art and architecture during the Late Empire. Special chapters are devoted to Pompeii and Herculaneum, funerary and provincial art in all media.

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What's New

  • Now available in MindTap®, the second edition presents the latest scholarship along with zoomable images; Google Maps links for all buildings, sites, and artworks of known provenance; videos of key architectural sites; digital flashcards; and an interactive infographic Who's Who in the Roman World, featuring family trees for all the Roman emperors and their families.
  • Twenty-one chapters divided into four parts (Italy before and during the Republic; and the Early, High, and Late Empires) provide extensive coverage beginning with Etruscan and Greek art in Italy before the rise of Rome through the emergence of Christian art and architecture during the Late Empire.
  • The edition features more than 400 new color photographs, including hundreds of "bonus images" available in the MindTap® version of the text.
  • New timelines in each chapter help students place both artworks and historical events in chronological context.
  • "The Patron's Voice" boxed essays underscore the important roles played by the individuals and groups who paid for the artworks and buildings in determining the character of those monuments.
  • "Problems and Solutions" features make students think critically about the decisions that went into the making of every artwork from the ancient world, by addressing the problems that painters, sculptors, and architects faced and the solutions they devised to resolve them.
  • Scales now accompany every photograph to aid students in visualizing the enormous range of sizes of the works illustrated, from handheld objects to colossal statues.

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