IT Labworks for A+ Tech Support and Service, 2 terms (12 months), Instant Access 1st Edition

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Immerse students into a virtual company’s IT help desk with IT LabWorks. Students will practice in real-life scenarios that employ critical thinking and problem solving skills. Support tickets are assigned and will take them from the server closet and deep into this virtual company. In a maintenance ticket they must configure file and folder sharing in preparation for a new customers training. In another they will set up a high-powered workstation to be used as a test bed with several virtual machines for testing software. When end-user tickets involve troubleshooting hardware and software, students will use the CompTIA troubleshooting model. Students are free to solve a problem or task using reasoning skills; but make wrong decisions that cost time and money, they will be coached with various degrees of support. Prepare your students for the workforce with real-world practice and application.

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