Help future and current professionals translate technical expertise into effective careers in computer user support with the help of A GUIDE TO SERVICE DESK CONCEPTS, 4E by IT expert Donna Knapp. This trusted, contemporary guide introduces the latest developments, research, resources and trends as they happen in computer user support. Readers explore the various types of service desks and gain a solid understanding of the diverse roles and skills required. They also review the processes and technologies that ensure a service desk is operating efficiently and effectively and see how today's leading organizations measure service desk success. This edition references the very latest ITIL® 2011 best practices, leading quality and IT service management frameworks and standards to ensure readers have the most recent information regarding the role of outsourcing and certification in the service desk. New case studies and case projects provide on-the-job practice, while updated chapters highlight the evolving role of the service desk and how technology trends, such as cloud computing, virtualization, mobile technology and consumerization, are impacting computer user support. New material also examines the contemporary emphasis on self-help and effects of self-healing capabilities within newer generation technologies. Rely on A GUIDE TO SERVICE DESK CONCEPTS, 4E to give readers needed insights into the world of computer user support today.

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  • THE LATEST CONCEPTS KEEP READERS ON THE FOREFRONT OF PROGRESS. This edition introduces today's computer user support with the most up-to-date concepts, the latest advancements in research, and emerging professional trends. The author provides contemporary Case Studies and references helpful Web sites and other resources throughout the text to keep learning current.
  • NEW "TECHNOLOGY TRENDS" DEMONSTRATE HOW ADVANCEMENTS IN TECHNOLOGY IMPACT USER SUPPORT. This edition closely examines the latest technology developments and the impact of these technology trends on the service desk. The author discusses the influence of virtualization, cloud computing, and consumerization (bring your own device) on the service desk, as well as mobile, social, and multi-generational support.
  • UPDATED ITIL® 2011 BEST PRACTICES KEEP READERS CURRENT WITH THE WORLD'S LEADING APPROACH TO IT SERVICE MANAGEMENT. All references to ITIL best practices now reflect ITIL 2011 standards. Author Donna Knapp uses her professional affiliation and expertise with ITIL to ensure readers understand how these best practices combine the latest thinking and expert advice with sound business principles.
  • UPDATED CASE PROJECTS SUPPORT BLENDED LEARNING. Service Desk University Case Projects throughout this edition now reflect the latest technology developments and current trends. Revised Case Projects better support a blended learning strategy for all learning styles.
  • UPDATED CHAPTER 2 INCLUDES A TIMELY DISCUSSION OF "BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE," ADDRESSING EMERGING CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES. Updates throughout the section on Service Level Agreements examine the growing "Bring Your Own Device" trend and review specific employee responsibilities within organizations when employees use their personal technology devices at work to access corporate data.
  • UPDATED CHAPTER 5 HIGHLIGHTS INCREASED EMPHASIS ON SELF-HELP AND SELF-HEALING CAPABILITIES. Updates throughout Chapter 5 clearly describe the benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS) in today's service desk setting. This chapter also describes contemporary corporate advancements to enable greater levels of self-help and take advantage of the self-healing capabilities of newer generation technologies.
  • UPDATED CHAPTER 8 INTRODUCES SERVICE DESK INDUSTRY TRENDS AND THE SHIFTING DIRECTION OF TODAY'S SERVICE DESK. This thoroughly revised chapter now describes the evolving role of today's service desk to relationship managers who enable social support channels and facilitate support communities.

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